September 19, 2017

3D Printing for Better Development

Considered as a subgroup of additive manufacturing, 3D printing has transformed the manufacturing process by creating parts a traditional manufacturing would not be able to create. 3D printing enables businesses to design prototypes and parts for their products in a more efficient and productive manner. Business owners trying to think of ideas to streamline their business operations should choose 3D printing for better development.

3D Printing — A Revolutionary Manufacturing Process

Businesses that incorporate 3D printing technology into their manufacturing process witness several notable changes during the design and development phase of their products. Here are a few ways the revolutionary manufacturing process benefits businesses:

  • Shortens the Manufacturing Process
  • Creates Personalised Products
  • Reduces the Assembly Time
  • Simplifies Logistics and Supply Chains
  • Minimises Waste
  • Eliminates the Need to Design Products or Parts in Large Quantities
  • Requires Less Energy
  • Designs Spare and Complex Parts on Demand
  • Allows Businesses to Go Straight from the Design Process to the Manufacturing Process
  • Promotes a Go Green Culture
  • Replaces Parts for Legacy Systems

Even though 3D printing offers businesses several benefits, it is in no way replacing the traditional manufacturing process instead it is adding on to it. It is advancing the traditional manufacturing process, making it more adept than before by allowing businesses to design parts for products that traditional marketing cannot create.

Therefore, it is essential for us to look at the major benefits 3D printing services offer businesses so they too can incorporate it into their manufacturing process and cut down the time it takes them to create a finished product.

The 5 Benefits of 3D Printing for Businesses

Earlier, we mentioned a host of benefits 3D printing design services provide businesses. However, out of all those benefits, there are five key benefits 3D printing offers businesses, which deserve a closer look and a detailed explanation.

1.     Avoid Mass Production; Save Money!

Additive manufacturing is not a new concept. Businesses have been using it for several years now to design products quickly and without the added expense of ordering costly factory manufactured models in bulk. The introduction of 3D printing designs has advanced additive manufacturing, allowing them to manufacture the exact number of finished products instead of mass producing them.

For instance, you are creating a product for a niche market, you can produce them in low quantities instead of being forced to produce them in bulk, which would be the case if you were ONLY using a traditional manufacturing method.

2.     Easily Design Complex Parts

3D technology enables businesses to design and scan complex and complicated shapes on a computer. You can create illogical or distorted shapes and designs that would be impossible for a machine to create. This ability of 3D technology has opened new doors for businesses. If you are a business owner and you aspire to create a product with a unique shape, you can use 3D printing to design it. With 3D technology, there is no limit to creativity and innovation!

3.     Personalise Products

Businesses can offer their customers 3D printing personalisation services. For instance, you can connect 3D printing technology to the internet and allow your customers to create their own products, personalising them to suit their requirements and vision. Perhaps, one day, customers can design and download their products from home

However, it is a complicated process, as companies need to take several factors into consideration such as intellectual property and how to give customers access to 3D printing technology from home. One thing is for sure, 3D printing technology will continue to evolve with time.

4.     Go Green

Businesses wanting to opt for an environmental friendly manufacturing method should opt for 3D printing. For instance, your company supplies products to another company or delivers them to another city within your country. Instead of transporting the products via road or airplane, you will send them the design, which they will print in their own facility using 3D technology.

In doing so, you save money on transportation and reduce fuel emissions. That is not the only way you give back to the environment. You also reduce the need to produce more raw materials to create lightweight and basic parts.

5.     Reduce the Supply Chain Risks

A traditional supply chain begins with market research, the product development phase, launching the product, selling the product, and delivering the product. 3D printing technology has made the entire supply chain process simpler and less complicated.

For instance, before you had to produce several products with only two out of the twenty you made selling, thus resulting in a loss. With 3D printing, you don’t need to produce in bulk, but only need to design it when you receive an order from a customer. You can always outsource 3D printing services to other businesses if you don’t have access to 3D technology. If you are big business with a large facility, you should invest in 3D technology.


Whether you are a large or a small business, investing in 3D printing technology is a lucrative investment. You will no longer need to fill up warehouses with products, but can create products that customers order. You also shorten the time it takes to create a product. Instead of taking weeks to manufacture a product, you only need one week or less to manufacture a product and deliver it to your customer.

In addition to this, you save operational costs up to 70 percent. You can conceptualise unique and innovative designs for your products, which will definitely make you stand out from your competitors. More importantly, not only will you be designing better, improved, and out-of-the-box products, you will also be using 3D design services for business promotions. Create 3D business cards to hand out to your customers. In short, 3D printing for better development is the future and more businesses should get on board and invest in 3D technology.

by Bobby J Davidson

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