July 24, 2022

6 Dog Breeds for Warmer Regions

Enduring the heat in the summer months is not easy for us humans, even though we have access to chilled beverages, blasting ACs, and the beach to beat triple-digit temperatures. Dogs, on the other hand, do not have any of those facilities or avenues to kill the heat during the summertime. So, unsurprisingly they are less likely to handle heat well. However, some dog breeds have a natural mechanism to weather warm climates better than others, making them a suitable pet choice for people living in warmer regions.

Warm Weather Tolerating Canine Features

Speaking from an anatomical perspective, dogs with less to no hair, a thin coat, and a long snout to cool down the breathed air are better at handling the heat in the summertime. If you live in tropical parts of the world, you should consider getting a dog with said physical features. Still, to give you a clearer idea, here are six dog breeds for warmer regions to pick a pet from.

The Great Dane

Great Dane

Not only are Great Danes warm weather tolerant but are also pretty much warm-weather obsessed, which makes them an excellent pet choice for tropical areas. Their lean bodies and thin coats allow them to stay comfortable in summer.
These super large dogs are quite lazy and love to spend all day on the couch, earning them the title of canine couch potatoes.

Great Danes are undoubtedly one of the best dog breeds for warmer regions; however, they do need some supervision when in the sun. To put it simply, you shouldn’t leave your four-legged couch potato unattended for long durations under the sun as prolonged exposure can be dangerous for them and understandably so. No living creature is designed to weather the sun for hours on end as that can lead to heatstroke. Great Danes are no different that way.

These massive canines are well suited for the summer; they shouldn’t be left out for too long, especially if they have a dark-colored coat. Dark-colored dogs tend to heat up quickly due to their skin which absorbs heat faster than light-colored fur. Therefore, keep your dark days out of the sun, at least for some part of the day.



Chihuahuas are no stranger to warm climates as they originated in the hot Mexican desert. So naturally, they are a suitable dog breed to adopt if you live in a tropical region.

The small-sized Chihuahua has a lean body and a skinny coat, making it a lot easier for them to put up with the sun. Therefore, these petite dogs do well in triple-digit temperatures. Plus, they are low-maintenance canines ideal for first-time dog parents.

If you live in a warm state and wish to adopt your first dog, the tiny Chihuahua might be the one for you.

German Shorthaired Pointers

German Shorthaired Pointers

The droopy-eared German shorthaired pointer is another remarkable breed option for a pet if you live in a warm-weather place.

These incredibly agile canines have a short, flat coat that regulates temperatures well. They don’t have an undercoat and love to take a dip in the water, which means they will jump in the water without reservation to cool down if the weather gets unbearably hot, even for them.

Shorthaired pointers are excellent canine companions as they would do everything with their owners. Be it swimming, running, or hiking, your shorthaired pointer will accompany you everywhere.

If you are looking for a faithful companion that will stay with you through it all, you should definitely consider adopting a German shorthaired pointer.

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian cattle dog is one of the most active dogs in the animal kingdom. These sprinters love to run, jump, hike, herd, basically do everything to exhaust their energies. They have a flat, double, water-resistant coat to wade waters and regulate the atmospheric temperature, making them perfect for the summer.

You can take your Australian canine companion for a jog or hike under the sun for long hours, and they would move happily with you without slowing down. However, be sure to rub sunscreen on your fur friend’s tummy and all other furless parts of their body to keep them safe from getting sunburnt.

If you want to have a lithe dog, a cattle dog from Down Under can be the one for you.

The American Foxhound

The American Foxhound

American foxhounds are among the few American native breeds known for their endless energy and eagerness to move all the time. They have a shorthaired coat ideal for regulating the temperature in the summer.

These quick-on-the-feet dogs are generally friendly and can seem submissive, but they also have their moments when they can be determinedly stubborn. Therefore, they need to be trained hard to work well as family pets.
Airedale Terriers
Airedale terriers may seem unfit for warm climates due to their thick coat, but that’s not the case. While they have fuzzy coats, they don’t have an underlay, which makes it easier for them to survive in hot summers. Moreover, they have long and curly hair that can be trimmed a bit further towards the skin in the summertime to keep them from heating up.

Like American foxhounds and German shorthaired pointers, Airedale terriers are impressively active and do not enjoy being cooped up indoors. So, if you get an Airedale canine companion, be sure to take them out for physical activity and let them enjoy the outdoors.

Although Airedale terriers can tolerate the warm weather, their paws need protection against seething surfaces like rocks. You can use anti-slip paw grips to keep your fuzzy friend’s feet from burning in the summer.

These fuzzy dogs love to play in both the water and on land. You can take them to a mountain or the beach, and they’ll have a grand ball time at both locations.

If you want a fluffy four-legged friend to snuggle, play or work out with, an Airedale terrier will be an ideal pet for you.

Wrap it up

If you live in a warm state, be sure to pick a dog that can handle the heat for adoption. Even if you have your heart set on a particular breed, you should always consider its warm-weather tolerance to make sure that you have a happy pet.

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