October 7, 2017

Apple Watch Accessories Worth Buying

Apple WatchUnlike smartphones, smartwatches aren’t revolutionary or game-changing. But, they make an awesome ‘add-on’, an accessory that you can proudly carry and own. When it comes to smartwatches, few, if any, compare to the Apple Watch. Whether it is the Mac, the iPhone, or the Smart watch, Apple has a habit of producing ‘smart’ devices. Apple’s most personal gadget yet, the Apple Watch is available in different sizes, colors and case materials.

Though it isn’t as popular as the Mac or the iPhone, the Apple Watch is starting to build its very own fan base. So, what are the things propelling people towards Apple’s smart watch? Following are some of the most popular features of the Apple Watch, features that are helping the watch win many fans and advocates all around the world

The Most Popular Features of the Apple Watch

A smartwatch, the Apple watch connects to the iPhone to run apps and deliver notifications. However, the Apple Watch is much more than an iPhone on your wrist. Following are some ‘awesome’ things you can do with the Apple Watch.

Answer Calls

After connecting it to your iPhone via Bluetooth, you can use the Apple Watch to answer calls. But, since the audio quality isn’t great, you should only use the watch for shorter calls. Also, as you can only attend calls on speakerphone, be conscious of where you are before taking a call on your Apple Watch. Nonetheless, the watch is great for answering calls when your hands are busy elsewhere.

Use it Under Water

Twenty years ago, no one would have pondered, let alone tried, using their watch under water. But today, you don’t even think, you just dive in with your watch. As it is waterproof up to fifty meters, you can swim with your Apple Watch on. So, you no longer need to worry about missing an important call from your boss while you’re swimming.

Track Your Runs

As it has a built-in GPS, you can use the Apple Watch to track your runs without connecting to your iPhone. Isn’t that great news? Sure, it is! After all, you don’t have to carry that big iPhone 7 or 8 with you anymore while you make a dash on the track. You can use the tracker of the watch to measure your speed and pace during runs and the precise distance you covered. Additionally, you can use the watch to get directions.

Monitor Your Hear Rate

By measuring your heart rate, the Apple Watch can help you stay healthy. To check your heart rate, the watch uses sensors on its back. The watch tracks your heart rate at various intervals and stores the data for you to check later. When you’re exercising, you can see your heart rate on the watch throughout the work out.

View and Reply to Text

Text, text, and more text—people love writing and viewing them on their phone, and now they can do the same on their Apple Watch. You no longer need to take out your iPhone from your pocket or handbag to read and reply to a text message. Simply connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone via Bluetooth and view and reply to texts directly on your watch.

The aforementioned- features are some of the features that make the Apple Watch attractive to tech enthusiasts and users of iPhone. If you want to further enhance the Apple Watch experience, then get Apple Watch accessories available in the market. To help you in this regard, we will give you a quick overview of the best Apple Watch accessories.

The Best Apple Watch Accessories

Accessorize your Apple Watch for a truly ‘epic’ Apple Watch experience. So, what accessories can help you to ensure this experience? Let’s find out.

CMRA Strap Camera

People have been predicting that Apple is going to add a camera to the watch but that hasn’t happened yet. However, what you can do for now is get the CMRA wearable strap that comes with two cameras, a 2MP upward facing camera and an 8 MP front facing one.

Beats Powerbeats 3 Headphones

Going for a run? You no longer need to take your phone with you. You can store music on your Apple Watch to listen to while you make that sprint. An accessory that can enhance this experience is the Bluetooth Beats Powerbeats 3 headphones. Comfortable to wear, the Bluetooth Beats Powerbeats 3 headphones produce bass-rich sounds and have a 12-hour battery life.


If you want to keep your Apple Watch safe and looking new, then the Watchkeeper is the ideal accessory for you. A stylish watch case, the Watchkeeper is available in two different colors: tan and black. The steel unibody core and protective leather finish of the Watchkeeper protect your Apple Watch from harm.

Pantheon keychain Magnetic Charger

The Pantheon Keychain Magnetic Charger is the kind of thing people dreamt about a decade or so ago. An ultraportable keychain, the Pantheon Keychain Magnetic Charger sticks to the Apple Watch like a magnet to charge it. Surely, there can’t be a better charger for your Apple Watch then this.

Ultimate Shield Screen Protector

If you want to maintain the gloss and shine of your Apple Watch then you need to protect its screen and this is something the Ultimate Shield Screen Protector can help you with. A slim yet sturdy screen protector, the Ultimate Shield Screen Protector has a 0.2 mm protective film, which makes it barely noticeable. So, with the Ultimate Shield Screen protector, you can add a protective layer to your Apple Watch without anyone noticing it.

Apple Watch is great in its original form and you can further enhance it by supplementing it with the state-of-the-art accessories on offer. Believe us – you’ll be better off with them.

by Bobby J Davidson

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