October 20, 2017

Want to Improve Customer Service? Here’s How Apple’s Business Chat Can Help You

Business ChatBusiness Chat, the latest offering from Apple, is an iMessage communication platform that resembles the Chinese messaging app WeChat. Apple has launched Business Chat in hopes that it’ll be able to rival the messenger offered by Facebook. What may give Apple the edge is that unlike Facebook’s messenger, Business Chat does not require a social media presence to join.

While this may not be significant to the average person, it is sure to catch the eye of businesses looking to improve their customer service and experience. Now, you may be wondering how Apple’s Business Chat can help businesses to improve their customer service. If that is indeed the case, then all you need to do is read on.

How Apple’s Business Chat Improves Customer Service

Apple has launched Business Chat to enable businesses to make themselves available for quick chats with customers. This makes one thing clear: Apple has launched Business Chat to help businesses to improve their customer service. With that clear, it’s time to answer an extremely important question: how can Apple’s Business Chat improve customer service.

Use it on a Mobile Device

The biggest benefit of Business Chat is the ability to use it on a mobile device. You can launch Business Chat on your IOS device within Siri, spotlight, Maps or the Safari browser. Thanks to this feature of the Business Chat, businesses can easily start conversations with consumers. In addition to basic text, Apple’s Business Chat offers the ability to add attachments and use scheduling tools that integrate with the iOS calendar app for appointments. In addition to the above, Apple’s iMessage app allows the answering of questions, resolving of issues and completion of transactions.

Perform a Variety of Tasks

When taking to a business through Apple’s iMessage, customers can ask general inquiry advice, schedule appointments, file a dispute and shop from the same chat thread. Also, there are features such as predictive text that’ll load a number or address automatically. An app that makes the management of tech support, order updates and purchasing via a single communication thread possible, Business Chat can be used for appointments and buying products directly from chat.

Chat Options

Using the updated iMessage app on their iOS device, customers can initiate a conversation with a business that they found through Siri, Spotlight, Maps or Safari. The devices customers can use to access Apple’s iMessage app include iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. For each business the customers want to chat with, a different thread will pop up. Another key feature of the aforementioned-messaging app is that you can download the app of the company you’re chatting with directly from the chat conversation window.

Now you know how the messaging app from Apple improves customer experience. So, how does it affect businesses? As for the businesses, they can develop their own custom features or integrate their customer service platforms on the iMessage app. As seen above, Apple’s Business chat is helping businesses to improve their customer service. So, you shouldn’t think twice about using the app for your business.

A Lot More Than Just a Chat App!

By now, you probably know well that Apple’s business chat is a great way for businesses to connect with customers. But, as mentioned earlier, Business chat can help your business to achieve a lot more than just conveniently connect with customers. With Apple’s business chat, businesses can easily schedule appointments and enable customers to easily buy from them. Let’s see how.

Business Chat makes it Easier for Customers to Shop

One of the best features of Apple’s business chat is that customers can shop and buy products directly from chat. Though, payments can only be made through Apple Pay. If you do use business chat for your business, just make sure you stock items in a list format. This will ensure that your offerings appear in the conversation with a customer and there’s no need to open a new window.


This feature of Apple’s business chat is for you, the business owner. If you schedule appointments using Business Chat, the feature will intelligently suggest time slots that won’t clash with your schedule by linking up to your own calendar.  Also, to complete certain request, you may direct your customers to download an iMessage app.

How Can Customers Start Conversations with Your Business?

Apple’s business chat makes it extremely easy for customers to connect and start a conversation with your business. To find your business, customers can use Siri, Spotlight, Maps, or Safari. Once they’ve found your business, customers can initiate a conversation with your business by simply opening Apple’s iMessage App on their iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch. As mentioned earlier, customers will have a different thread for each business they’re chatting with.

Which Businesses Can Benefit from Apple’s Business Chat?

To complete certain tasks and improve customer service, any business can sign up for and use Apple’s business chat platform. Today, all sorts of business are signing up for this new feature from Apple. Contrary to popular belief, the benefits of Apple’s business chat aren’t reserved for retail businesses. Rather, this new feature from Apple benefits all sorts of businesses. And, proof of this is the different types of businesses showing interesting in this new offering from Apple.

Final Word!

For business chats and payments features, Facebook has Messenger for Business. On the other hand, users can reach businesses via direct messages using Twitter for Business. While these platforms are useful for businesses, they only cater to those within the realms of Facebook and Twitter. This is where Apple’s business chat offers the biggest benefit. Using Apple’s business chat, businesses can reach Apple users via different touch points across its operating system. Apple’s business chat will available soon and many businesses and customers just can’t want to their hands on it. Considering what’s been said above, it’s easy to see why!


by Bobby J Davidson

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