September 28, 2017

The Best Business Features Coming to macOS High Sierra

macOS High SierraApple has just announced the release of its latest hardware and its updated operating system, which goes by the name macOS High Sierra. It is expected to revolutionize the way businesses operate, and the new operating system is already available for users. Although it is expected to bring plenty of exciting features for businesses, casual users might not be too keen on it. This is even though High Sierra is free, but the updates aren’t specifically directed towards them.

The most exciting thing is that this is the first complete macOS upgrade in the industry, since Snow Leopard in 2009, and the beta version of this OS has already been well received by everyone. Apple is very optimistic about the adoption of their latest operating software, even though the upgrades made to High Sierra aren’t that noticeable. However, this didn’t stop people from purchasing Snow Leopard in 2009 and Apple thinks that people will love High Sierra as well.

The major gripe that Apple users may have is that there aren’t shiny new features with the macOS High Sierra, but there are some great enhancements made to it. This operating system is proof that Apple is looking towards the future and is working hard to improve business features in their operating system. The fact that only the beta version has been released is going to make it tough for anyone to do a complete review of the OS. However, there are some key notes that must be highlighted, which include performance upgrades.

The most significant changes are the overhaul of the Photos app, and the new search in Safari. Apple has been working extremely hard to tweak the technology used in the Mac, and it is going to prove to be an asset for businesses work with macOS High Sierra. So, should you choose to upgrade to the latest operating software from Apple? We highly recommend it. To prove our point, we are going to be highlighting the best business features that have come with the macOS High Sierra.

High-End Graphics Capabilities

If you are highly creative and work with high-end graphics, then this operating software is going to be a treat for you. Once you start running High Sierra on your machine, you will notice an instant upgrade to the graphics, and will also gain VR capabilities, brought to you by Metal 2. Most businesses aren’t jumping into VR right now, but it is going to have its moment, which is why it is a good idea to get into it right now.

Enhanced Apple Main Functions

The Apple Mail function has also gotten a newer version, with numerous adjustments made to fine tune the Spotlight search function. Now you can easily search and filter everything you want, while there is a full-screen Split View option with mail. This will help you multi-task easily, and the best thing is that it will take up 35% less disk space as well, ensuring a smoother running machine with this OS.

New Photo Features

Another feature that is going to be useful for businesses is the photo feature, which has gotten an upgrade. Apple has helped make it easier for people to edit and search for pictures in Photos, and the new operating software will help you filter per media types, favorites, and keywords. You will also enjoy photo recognition for different devices as well. Apple has also added new editing tools, which will help you do the simple things, and you can hone your Photoshop prowess here. This is going to be a very effective tool for small business owners, who won’t need to hire web designers, or graphic designers.

Smarter and Faster Safari

One of the biggest upgrades you will notice with High Sierra is that Safari has gotten a serious performance upgrade. Apple has enhanced the browsing with its new operating software, and has claimed that Safari will outperform Google Chrome in privacy and speed. The browser is expected to have features like Autoplay Blocking, and will stop loud videos to be played automatically.

This will mean that you won’t be distracted by loud advertisements when you’re browsing or reading articles. Apple has also placed emphasis on the privacy of the operating software, as it has stopped ads from following you to another website, with the Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). It also has machine learning to scrip data from different websites, and this will prevent advertisers from following you all over the internet.

The Other Stuff

There is loads of other stuff that should get you excited about the macOS High Sierra, most notably how Siri has also gotten smarter. It can now easily play any song you want by learning and tracking your musical preferences, when you subscribe to Apple Music. It has also made it easier for file sharing and link sharing, especially if you are using iCloud Drive.

The Spotlight feature can help you check on fight status, by entering your flight number, and you can also save Live Photos from any Facetime video call. The Notes app has also gotten an upgrade, as it can now support tables, which has made it a must have feature for everyone. The messages app can also be synched easily to another device, and family sharing is also offered by Apple now.

The Takeaway

There are lots of businesses that will benefit from the macOS High Sierra, since Apple has clearly identified what businesses value currently. They have made communication easier, and their new file system, along with improved developer tools are going to make a huge impression on business operations. It is clear to see that with High Sierra, Apple wants to transform their operating system, and this is good news for businesses, because they are getting a significant advantage.

Common users may not be as excited about the latest upgrades in this operating software, but for businesses this is an important upgrade. The gauntlet has been thrown by Apple in upgrading its operating software to benefit businesses, and its competition is surely going to follow in the future.

by Bobby J Davidson

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