August 23, 2017

3 Business Tablets for Entrepreneurs

Why Tablets are a Good Choice for Entrepreneurs

Technology is changing our lives and making it a whole lot easier. When it comes to running a business, making the transition to technology is extremely important. Now, you don’t need to do something extravagant or fancy. In fact, you can take your business to the next level with something as simple as an 8’’ tablet.  Provided you use the right tablet for your business, a business tablet can help you boost your revenue.

Today, many business owners are in awe of the business tablet and who can blame them—the impressive large screen, the powerful processor and the numerous productivity applications to choose from are good reasons to be impressed.

When it comes to the choice for business owners, it’s pretty evident that tablets are giving laptops a good run for their money. While you can conduct your business effectively from either device, the convenience offered by a tablet makes it our winner.

Following are some reasons business tablets are a viable choice for entrepreneurs.

Creating and Sharing Visual Presentations

As a business owner, one of the best ways for you to grow your business is offering your customers a visual experience of your business, products and/or services. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Depending on the nature of your business, you no longer need to use programs like excel to prepare visuals for customers. Tablets owners have several awesome tools available to them which they can use to create engaging infographics in less than five minutes. As they help them to come across as experts in their niche, infographics are one of the best visuals that entrepreneurs can create for their customers.

Boost Interaction

One area where small businesses can compete with the larger firms is personal interactions. When it comes to personal interactions with customers, business tablets can greatly help the smaller businesses. Unlike a few years ago when you needed a desktop PC to take notes and enter information while conversing with the client, you can now talk to your client while maintaining eye contact using a tablet PC. Thanks to these personalized consultations, you can establish greater trust and rapport with clients.

Maintain Your Website on The Go

A website is essential for most small businesses. However, maintaining it on a day-to-day basis can be tough, especially if you work alone or are always out and about. Here’s an interesting observation: while most business owners spend a considerable amount of time looking for cost-effective marketing methods, they rarely consider their tablets as website management tools. For instance, if you can’t afford a content writing service then you’ll have to do your blog yourself. With a tablet, you can easily manage this. Even while travelling, you can keep your clients updated by using a business tablet to access your WordPress or Blogger website.

There you have it—four reasons business tablets are a viable choice for entrepreneurs. With that discussed, it’s time to look at the 5 best business tablets for entrepreneurs.

The Best Business Tablets for Entrepreneurs

With so many tablets on the market, choosing the right tablet for your business can be tough. Whether you want a powerhouse that can replace your desktop computer or an affordable tablet for checking email, you can easily find a tablet that fulfills your unique business needs.

Following are the 3 best tablets for entrepreneurs available today.

Apple iPad Pro

On hearing the word ‘tablet’, the first thing or name that comes to mind is Apple’s iPad. Having the best app support on the market, the iPad is an extremely secure tablet. However, the 12.0-inch Apple’s iPad, the most commonly used iPad is a bit pricy. For this reason, the

recommended iPad for entrepreneurs is the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Cheaper than the 12.9 inch iPad, the iPad pro has a small screen and is extremely portable. Costing between $700 and $1300, the iPad Pro is a relatively affordable tablet that comes with most, if not all, of the features required by entrepreneurs.

Microsoft Surface 4

Over time, most business owners get used to having Microsoft Office, Outlook, and other Windows apps at their disposal. And many of them don’t want to sacrifice that familiarity for a portable tablet. If you’re one of them, then here’s some good news for you: The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has made it possible for you to get the Windows ‘desktop experience’ on a tablet. Unlike other business tablets, this tablet from Microsoft runs a full version of Windows, ensuring a familiar feeling about the interface and availability of programs.

To make things better, the Surface Pro 4 is available with optional keyboard for typing and a pen for note-taking. You’ll have to pay $129 and $100 respectively for the upgrades though. Today, many business owners are ditching their bulky desktops and laptops for the sleek, lightweight Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Android Tablets

Every bit as good as the Apple equivalent, an Android tablet is an affordable choice for entrepreneurs. However, as the android world is a very much a mixed bunch, you need to know what you are getting. The plus points of getting an android tablet include the ease of transfer from PC or Mac to Android tablet and the Universal USB support. Some good android tablet options include Google’s Pixel C, the Sony Experia Z4 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

As they allow to manage your business on the go, business tablets are a great option for you to have as an entrepreneur. With a good tablet in tow, you can manage and grow your business like never before.

by Bobby J Davidson

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