October 16, 2018

Dress for Success: Is It Really Important for The Accomplishment of Professional Goals?

Following a particular dress code in the workplace is a fairly common norm that most people in an organization tend to follow. But, what most people seem to be unaware of is the fact that what we wear has a pretty significant impact not just in our personal lives, but also at the professional level as well. Both in terms of our performance as well as attitude. In other words, dressing appropriately, or as per office decorum, is basically one of the most crucial factors that will be of great help in achieving professional success.

The reason being that self-perception basically has a tremendous impact on how an individual is perceived by many others, that he or she interacts with on a regular basis. Especially in a professional capacity. Would you go out on a date with your crush dressed in clothes suitable only for lounging? On the contrary, you would want to make as good an impression as possible and would do your level best to ensure that the person is impressed. Even if you have to shop for clothes beforehand.

Much the same principle also applies to professional attire as well. Once you start feeling that you are ‘dressed for success’ and thereby have the capability to make a really great impression on someone then not only will it give your self-confidence a tremendous boost but at the same time you will make a great impression on whoever it is that you really want to meet, thus leading you to give your very best at the meeting. Let us take a quick look at how dressing for success can help you in achieving your goals in life.

Impressions matter!

The age old adage that ‘the first impression is the last impression’ still holds true to this day. This is because the first impression of an individual certainly does play a really significant role in helping other people develop a favorable  opinion with regard to the person they are meeting. This is indeed, precisely why the visual aesthetics that we tend to present (with regard to our professional selves) with the help of suitable dressing is extremely important. Regardless of how hard we may try to deny or avoid it; the fact of the matter is that we live in a highly judgmental world and others often judge us on the basis of how we are dressed and, therefore, how we look.

Self-respect is very important

When a person takes the time and puts in considerable efforts for the express purpose of dressing up appropriately; then yes, such a person will undeniably radiate an image of both self-respect as well as self-worth too. And since dressing nicely also boosts one’s confidence levels to a large extent. This in turn, will also help you to tackle the various really difficult tasks in your day to day work life with much greater ease, to say the least.

It helps you draw attention to yourself

There is a reason why peacocks have such magnificent plumage. The thing is the sharper the better you are dressed, the more noticeable will you be. If you are in the sales and marketing or public relations department, then dressing up appropriately is a practice that will help you to get noticed, easily enough. Furthermore, a really sharply dressed individual will quite easily stand out in a large crowd and thus the clothes you wear (as well as how you wear them) may well help you in attracting the right level of attention.

A positive impact on the individual’s overall mood

Being authoritative will help as well. Here, dressing better and as per your own surroundings is now almost universally known to have a highly positive impact on an individual’s overall mood. And therefore, by staying more polite, positive, and confident, it is possible for just about anyone to take the path of true professional success while simultaneously overcoming all the barriers in the way.

Always be prepared

“Be prepared” is not just the boy scout motto, but it is also the means through which you can come out on top, even when taken by surprise. The thing is, you might never know when you will suddenly bump into, at a seminar or the neighboring coffee shop, or in the bank. However, should you be dressed professionally and exude a neat and well-groomed look in the bargain, then, no matter who you meet and also irrespective of precisely where you meet them, the chances are greater than even, that you will almost always leave a really great impression and what is more, suitably apt dressing will also give you the required confidence to steal the show, even while simultaneously boosting your personality.

It leads to an increase in overall productivity

The thing is that it is almost always really easy to feel pretty comfortable when one is wearing sweatpants and t-shirts along with flip-flops, but they have the purpose of putting you in your own comfort zone. Unfortunately, such comfort zones make the average person pretty lazy. However, when one is smartly and professionally dressed, he or she will feel really motivated from both within and without and thus, such a person will be more productive and perform better. As a matter of fact, dressing smartly is widely touted to be one of the best possible means of enhancing one’s overall performance at the workplace and thereby to emerge as an exemplary performer.

Being a sharped dressed professional is not just the need of today, but rather it is the central cornerstone to any well thought out plan for the accomplishment of your professional aims and objectives in life.