December 6, 2017

Don’t Hire Mediocre Employees – Hire the Best

Hire the bestAs an employer, you’d think that hiring a bad employee is the worst that can happen to you. Well, you’re wrong. There’s worse—you could up end with a mediocre employee. If a bad employee isn’t performing up to scratch and he probably won’t be, you can get rid of him without much thought or explanation. But, can you do the same with a mediocre employee? You probably can’t. So, do the sensible thing and hire the best employees—not mediocre ones!

Compared to the past, recruitment is very different today. Thanks to the internet, getting volunteers for a job is a lot easy today. However, the plethora of candidates makes it difficult for employers to shortlist the most suitable candidates and ultimately hire the best person for the job. Another problem faced by employers in their pursuit of the ‘best’ employee is that many other companies are also vying for the same person. So, how can you hire the best employees rather than mediocre ones? Here is how you can increase your chances of doing that.

Hire Candidates that Fulfill the 6 C’s Criteria

To ensure that you hire the best employees, shortlist only those candidates for a job who fulfill the 6 C’s criteria. The 6 C’s are the seven qualities that you need to judge the potential candidates for. So, without wasting any further time, let’s look at the 6 C’s or 6 qualities you need judge the candidates for.


The first thing you need to evaluate the potential candidates for is competency. You need to determine whether they have the skills, education and experience required to completed the tasks of the job effectively and successfully.


Another thing to look for in the candidates is how capable they are of completing not just the easy tasks, but also the tasks that require considerable creativity and effort. If you are looking to hire the best employees, then the capability in the candidates that you should be looking at is how much willingness do they have to take on more responsibility and what is their potential for growth.


A quality of ‘great’ employees that often gets ignored during the hiring process is compatibility. Look for someone who seems compatible by nature. The employees you hire won’t work in isolation and often they will have to team up with other employees to complete a task or project. So, you need to find out during the hiring process how well the candidates can get along with colleagues and people in general—the latter is important because the employees may have to deal with partners and clients. Another important thing to look for is a candidate’s willingness to be cordial with not just you or his or her boss, but also with every person in the company. Hiring such an employee can only be good for you.


This is something most employers look when hiring for a vacant position and you’re probably one of them. But, how you determine a candidate’s level of commitment? First, you need to determine how serious or enthusiastic he or she is about working and growing with you. Make sure the job you’re offering isn’t a passing opportunity for a candidate and that he won’t move on once he finds something ‘better’. The best way to gauge the person’s commitment is looking at his employment history and seeing how long he was at each job.


Another important thing to determine during the hiring process is the character of the candidates. Find out if a candidate’s values align with the company’s. Other things to evaluate are the candidate’s honesty, how well they can keep secrets and whether they are a team player and altruistic.


Every business has its own unique culture i.e. how people in the company are expected to behave and interact with each other. This culture stems from certain policies and procedures, expectations and values that influence a leader’s as well as the employees’ behavior. An employee who doesn’t align with the culture of the company can become difficult or disruptive. So, make sure the person you hire is a cultural fit—not misfit.

Now that you know about the qualities to look for in a candidate when hiring for a vacant position, it is time to move onto the two great ways to make yourself visible to the ‘best’ candidates.

Be Searchable

The more visible you are to candidates, the more likely they are to apply for the job you posted online or even elsewhere. In this digital age, it is extremely important for employers to make information about themselves easily available online. To make yourself stand out among job-seekers, make your website informative and visually appealing. Clearly state on your website where you are located, what you do and what is your long-term vision.

Once the candidates have access to the above information, they will be able to make informed decision about whether they can work and grow with your company. But, before all that, you need to ensure that the right candidates can get to your website and this can be achieved by optimizing your website or other online presence for search engines.

Get Social Media Savvy

There is an old saying which reads ‘Meet people where they are’. So, if you are searching for employees, then look for them in places you are most likely to find them. Today, that place is social networking platforms. Whether it is LinkedIn, or job pages on Facebook, job-seekers today are increasingly using social networking sites to find jobs. As you can get a lot of information about the candidates through the platform, social media is a great way to find candidates for a job and ultimately hire the ‘best employees’.

With the information above, you can ensure that you hire the best employees and not mediocre ones.  Are you good fit for our company – worth checking it out…

by Bobby J Davidson

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