September 8, 2018

How Tech is Changing Lives for and Empowering the Differently Abled

Empowering Living with a disability can be hard I’m sure; but it doesn’t have to be the end of the road, at least not in times where technology can potentially help the differently abled overcome their disability once and for all. If you have a disability, then you should not accept your circumstance. Instead, you should turn towards and use tech that is changing lives for and empowering people with a disability.

We came to this planet for a reason and all of us—yes all of us, have the ability to do whatever we want with our lives. You may think that some people are less privileged in this regard due to their physical condition, but the truth of the matter is that everyone struggles in their day-to-day affairs in one way or the other.

If you are differently abled, then don’t think of yourself as a lesser being. You have all the abilities in the world to achieve everything you ever desired. You just need the right guidance and tools to achieve it. When it comes to guidance, the one thing that I tell everyone, including to those with special abilities, is that you should always stay positive and make the most of what you have.

Believe me, this advice can go a long way in helping you achieve everything that ever desired. Following is some other advice that I would give to every reader, especially to those who are differently abled:

  • Stay focused on the positive instead of the negatives
  • Don’t ever give up
  • Challenge yourself and try new things every day
  • Each day ask yourself if you’re happy—if there’s something that makes you unhappy, find a way to make change
  • Make a habit to smile
  • Don’t compare yourself to others and celebrate all your big and small accomplishments
  • Be polite and stay calm with obnoxious people
  • Look for support not pity
  • Make a choice to live with it without letting it overwhelm you

If you choose to make this advice as part of your daily life, you can move onto the next step of the process that can potentially change yourself forever. What is the next step I’m talking about? It is the using tech that is changing lives for and empowering the differently abled.  Check out more about the technology making a difference in the lives of the differently abled.

New Technology with The Potential to End Disability—Forever

Although differently abled people are no less than without a disability, a variety of challenges can make it difficult for many people with a disability to live as others would. The challenges can be due to personal attitudes or the environment. Whatever the cause, the challenges can prevent the differently abled from adopting and living a healthy and active lifestyle.

However, there is good news—advancements in technology have given birth to tech that can not only make the lives of the differently abled easier but can also potentially help them to overcome their disability –forever. Following are 5 amazing technologies changing lives for and empowering the differently abled.

Emotiv’s Headsets

Happy office worker - Empowering

5-channel wireless headsets, Emotiv’s headsets are equipped with a wireless EEG system that records the wearer’s brain-waves and translates them into meaningful data. It is built with several advanced detection algorithms that allow it to do the following:

  • Interpret basic mental commands
  • Detect and analyze facial expressions
  • Measure metal focus, performance, and stress

Not only can the basic technology enabling the headsets help quadriplegics to use the computer, it could also potentially be used to control bionic technologies as well.

Sign Language Decoders

Not exactly a fashion statement but useful nonetheless, sign language decoders are wearable tech that translates sign gestures into text for easy reading by those who can’t read sign language. Manufacturers of the technology are currently working to add sound to the decoders, which would truly give a voice to the users.

The ReWalk Suit

Billed as the world’s first personal exoskeleton, ReWalk provides powered hip and knee movement to its wearer. This allows paraplegics to walk, something many of them thought they’d never be able to do again. Additionally, ReWalk offers many benefits to patients rehabilitating from a spinal cord injury.

The suit’s motion is controlled through an on-board computer which works through the system of motion sensors built into the device. By tracking the movement of the user’s body, it allows for controlled walking that mimics the natural movements of an abled-human being. Studies prove that this provides significant health benefits to the wearer.

Bionic Ears

What is hearing? It is a combination of registering of sound vibrations on cartilage and the interpretation of those waves in the brain. At times, the inner ear develops, but the external ear—with its cartilage, does not. This makes hearing difficult. Created using 3D printing technology, bionic ear is hoping to become a ‘living prosthetic’ that can capture sound like a real ear. What’s amazing is that the ink of the ear is not plastic, rather it’s made of living cells—cells that are from the patient’s own body, which allows the body to readily accept them. Put simply, the bionic ears are more than just prosthetics.

Bionic Eye

The research team at USC hospital have developed a high-tech camera that can be implanted in the eye, which allows images to be transmitted from an external camera worn in sunglasses. The bionic eye allows patients with lost vision due to Retinitis Pigmentosa to see light and dark shapes.

These are other technologies as well that are changing lives for and empowering the differently abled. It’s all about attitude in life, I don’t care who you are and what your situation is.  Attitude is a choice – make a good one and live life to the fullest.

by Bobby J Davidson

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