December 13, 2017

Best Advice for Entrepreneurs – Take Some Time Off

Entrepreneurs take some time offAccording to Glassdoor—an employer review website, employed Americans on average utilized only half of their assigned vacation days/paid time off during the year 2013-2014. 15% did not use any of their allotted vacation days while only 25% utilized them all. And even when they were on vacation, 61% of the employed Americans plugged in to do some office work. The numbers are worse for entrepreneurs. In fact, some of them work 365 days a year. For both employed people and entrepreneurs, not taking time off work is detrimental—for both their health and their future. If you’re an entrepreneur, then here’s why you take some time off work! Advice for entrepreneurs – –

To get where they want to be, entrepreneurs must work their socks off. To get their ideas off the ground and make them into something worthwhile, entrepreneurs need to dedicate a lot of time, energy and resources to them. While doing this is important, it shouldn’t come at the expense of completely ditching a vacation or time off work. Taking a vacation or time off work is not just good for your health, but it also good for the success of your business. Let’s see why.

Improve Your Physical and Mental Health by Recharging Your Batteries

For entrepreneurs, being physically and mentally fit is extremely important. Working throughout the year without break can burn you out, affecting your physical and mental health. As an entrepreneur, you can recharge your batteries and improve your physical and mental health by taking some time off work and going on vacation. It won’t be long before you are mentally blocked and physically tired if you slog away at work day after day. The best way to avoid this or even overcome it is taking time off work and going on a vacation.

By taking time off work and going on a vacation, you will give your body and mind a re-boot, which in turn will allow you to return to work refreshed and with renewed zest. If don’t recharge your batteries and aren’t in great physical and mental shape, then you won’t be taking your business anywhere or towards success—it is as simple as that.

Relax Your Mind to Unlock Your Creativity, De-Stress and Rejuvenate

Running a business is somewhat like a roller-coaster ride. You will your high moments. You will have your disappointments, profits, losses, good days, bad days and a whole lot more. Want to come out of this ride rejoicing? If yes, then you need to resilient and flexible enough to adapt to a constantly changing playground. To achieve the above resilience and flexibility, you need to be mentally fit. A great way to achieve this mental fitness is unwinding and relaxing your mind by taking some quiet time off.

If you’re physically tired or feeling pessimistic about the success of your business, then take some time off to relax your mind and return to work with a refreshed mind and renewed hope. Following is what you can achieve by taking time off work to relax your mind.

Unlock Your Creativity

A relaxed and free-thinking mode is when our best ideas generally pop-up. If you want to spur creativity, then step away from work as a setting where you’re rushing to meet deadlines isn’t the best place to spark your creative instincts.


Working day-in, day-out can stress-out the best of us. So, it’s completely natural for you to feel stressed due to work. A metaphor for working under constant stress would be flying a plane with the flaps down and the wheels unlocked. If you fly like this, then you will waste a lot of energy. So, do the sensible thing and de-stress by taking time off work.


When they first start a business, most entrepreneurs are extremely excited and passionate about the venture. However, this excitement and passion generally dies down over the years. But, do you know why? It is because entrepreneurs are too mentally and physical fatigued to carry on their business with the same zest and passion they had when they first started the business. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, take time off work once every 6 months or year. By taking time off work to relax and unwind, you will avoid being physically and/or mentally fatigued, which in turn will keep your initial excitement and passion for business alive.

Inspire Yourself

Seek inspiration for your business? The best place to find it is in a vacation spot where you’re not thinking about work and have a lot of free time to contemplate. The best ideas pop up in the mind when we don’t have a lot going in our heads. So, take some time off work, go on a vacation and you may just find the inspiration or idea you seek.

Give Your Business an Opportunity to Grow Without You

Often, entrepreneurs have to assume many different roles when they first start a business. However, as the business grows, they are required to outsource or hire and delegate some of those roles/responsibilities. When you do get to this stage, take some time off work just to see how well your business can function without you. Remember, the people who help you run your business are your greatest power and if they can’t do their job without your supervision or advice, then your business is not going to be successful.

These reasons and good advice (trust me) are just 4 of the countless reasons entrepreneurs should take time off work. When business owners go on vacation, they tend to need a company like ours to proactively monitor their IT network and provide help desk support for their employees.  Reach out to us to discuss how we can partner up and give you the freedom to enjoy your vacation with your family.

by Bobby J Davidson

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