October 28, 2021

Essential Camping Gear for Canines

If you have a pet dog, you know nothing beats the joy you get from taking your canine out on an adventurous trip. You don’t only have friendly support and a companion, but certain dog breeds are also excellent for protection purposes.

While adventurous trips such as camping and hiking are a great way to make memories with your dog, you need to plan effectively since both of you (you and your dog) are away from home and comfort zone.

While you may be able to withstand problems and a missing item while camping or hiking, your dog might not. Therefore, if you’re looking to avoid troubles while camping with dogs, you’re at the right place.

This article will detail everything you need to pack as dog camping gear.

Dog Camping Gear: The Essentials

A lot can be written about camping with dogs, such as tips you need to follow or how to prepare your canine for camping. But it’s also important to shed light on what to bring on the trip. Although this list may differ among dog parents, here are some essentials that you will need.

First Aid Kit

One of the most important items that you should have on all trips is a first aid kit. Although you can purchase ready-made first aid kits, it’s always a better idea to make one of your own. It should contain bandages, gauze, tweezers, hydrogen peroxide, and whatever medicines your dog might be taking. You can also reach out to a vet to include special items your dog relies on or might need during the journey.

Dog Clothes

It may be surprising, but dog camping gear also includes dog clothes. If you’re camping in the summer, you will need a cooling vest to ensure your dog’s temperature is maintained and they are not overheated. You can do this by dipping the vest into the water and making your dog wear it. On the flip side, you should have a fleece jacket or woolen sweaters if you’re camping in the winter season.

Food and Water

You should take your canine’s food and water with you while on a camping trip. Don’t rely on wood fires to heat or cook their food since it is dangerous and time-consuming. Therefore, carry tinned food or even freshly made food if you can store them without it spoiling. Moreover, a collapsible food bowl is a good idea to give food in. Finally, keep some filled water bottles with removable cups so you can provide water in them. If not, a collapsible food bowl works just fine for water too.


Camping with dogs can be a bit dangerous if you’re not prepared or careful enough. Therefore, make sure to carry long and short non-retractable leashes so you can keep your canine close to you. If you think your dog can be allowed to roam at a distance from you, then you can bring along a long leash. But whatever the size, don’t forget to bring this item on a camping trip.

Camping Bed

If it’s an overnight trip, then your dog will need a comfortable spot to rest and sleep. A camping bed or a portable dog bed is a good option for this purpose. Some weightless camping beds can be easily packed and rolled up if you’re looking for more hassle-free options. You can place camping beds inside a tent, depending on the weather.

Dog Treats/ Dispensing Toy

Even though this may not be an essential item for dog camping gear, it can be useful in giving your dog a treat if it acts nicely and follows your command. This is particularly true for long camping trips. You can put the treats in a special treat-dispensing toy, so your canine stays busy for some time during the trip.

ID Tags

You need to be diligent when it comes to your canine’s safety during a camping trip. Therefore, make sure its camping gear includes ID tags and name tags that you can keep in your dog’s backpack or around its collar. These tags can also be reflective, so it is easy to find them at nighttime if there is an unforeseen incident.

Dog Booties

Camping means putting yourself in unsafe situations as there is always the threat of rough and hot surfaces that could be dangerous for you. The same applies to your canine. Their paws are exposed, and therefore they are at a greater risk of damage. Thus, dog booties are a solution to avoid cuts, pricks, and other types of discomfort. However, make sure to cut your dog’s nails before putting on this item.

Protective Eyewear

If you camp at higher altitudes or during hot weather, your dog might feel some eye discomfort due to debris or heat. Like you, they also need protection from harsh winds and harmful UV lights. Therefore, include dog goggles or protective eyewear to protect your canine.

Ziplock Bag / Biodegradable Bags

Even though this is not something your canine needs for its own use, it is an important item to include in camping gear. Make sure to carry these with you on any trip so you can pick and discard your dog’s poop safely. Don’t leave it on the campsite or near any water body since it can be a nuisance for other visitors.


You can choose to include some of these items in your dog’s backpack. However, make sure your dog is trained to carry such weight during a camping trip. If you plan to do this, you should take note of your dog’s weight and plan a backpack accordingly. Usually, items like collapsible water/food bowl, leash, ID tags, and even ziplock bags can be easily carried in a dog backpack.

The Bottom Line

Camping with dogs shouldn’t be stressful. In fact, you should look forward to it as an opportunity to bond with your canine. However, make sure you have packed the essentials needed by your dog, so your adventure is fun and worry-free.