December 15, 2017

6 Technology Gadgets that Make Great Christmas Presents

Great Christmas presentsChristmas is just around the corner and there isn’t much time left to choose presents for your family and friends. The holiday period is a time to rejoice and we don’t want you to spend it worrying about what presents you should gift to each of your relatives and friends on Christmas day. So, whether you want to gift a man, a woman or child, here are 6 technology gadgets that make great Christmas presents!

Regardless of what their interests or hobbies are, no one can resist the temptation of a shiny new gadget. Looking for Christmas presents for friends or family? If yes, the tech gadgets are a great choice. One of the most popular and sought-after gifts today, tech gifts make great Christmas presents whether you are looking to gift a man, a woman or a child.

Now, there are a range of tech gadgets that you can gift as Christmas presents including Smart phones, VR headsets, robots, laptops and many more. What you need to decide is what gifts are within your affordability. If the above isn’t within your means, then you may want to go for cheaper alternatives such as air pods, doorbell cameras and virtual assistants. Following are 6 technology gadgets the make great Christmas presents. The gadgets are listed with their prices to help you decide what tech gadget you can and cannot afford to gift this Christmas.

Microsoft Surface Pro

A great addition to the tech world is the all new Microsoft Surface Pro. The new laptop from Microsoft is lightweight yet powerful enough to perform a multitude of tasks including photo and video editing. Additionally, the laptop is incredibly easy to work on. The laptop has a large and sharp display and you can jot down notes by using a pen on the screen. If you get the core i5 edition, then it will cost you $999. If you have the keyboard that comes as an ad-on as well then you will have to pay an extra $159.

Apple Watch Series 3 With Cellular

A much more affordable tech gift, the Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular is a smartwatch with loads of features. Some of the noticeable features of this watch include push notifications, athletic tracking, and virtual assistance. Using this watch, you can control calls and emails from your wrist rather than from the phone. This smartwatch is priced at $430.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Is there is a bookworm among your family or friends? If yes, then the Amazon Kindle Oasis will be a great Christmas present for him/her. The new eReader from Amazon is likely a gift from heaven for people who love to read. Featuring a 7-inch elnk display, the Amazon Kindle Oasis has an aluminum design which gives it a stylish look. But, this isn’t the best thing about the eReader. Instead, the best thing about it is the ability to read back audible audiobooks via dedicated page-turning buttons and a Bluetooth speaker. The eReader from Amazon costs $250 so you may want to think twice before choosing it as Christmas present.

Apple AirPods

If you are looking for an affordable tech gadget to gift as a Christmas present, then Apple AirPods are a good option. However, since the Airpods are built to sync with iPhones and the Apple Watch, make sure that you gift it to someone who has either an iPhone or an Apple Watch. The AirPods sync with the above devices to allow audio streaming on them. Browsing through Bluetooth menus is no longer required.

The Apple AirPods come in a case and they have an extraordinary battery life. This means that they can run for hours when you are out and about. The price? An affordable $159.

Doorbell Camera

This is probably one of the most unique gadgets that you can gift to anyone this Christmas. In fact, it is the perfect Christmas present for people with smart locks in their home as the two gadgets combine to make a great home security system. Whenever there is someone at the door, the doorbell camera will alert you about it, providing you a live video feed of the area just outside the door. In case you missed the alert, the doorbell camera will take a snapshot for you to look at later. Depending on who is on door, you can lock or unlock the door remotely if you have the smart installed too. This gadget is priced at $199.

The All-New Echo

Virtual assistants can be great gifts at any time of the year but you can make someone’s Christmas special by gifting them this gadget on Christmas day. When it comes to virtual assistants, there aren’t many better than the Amazon Echo and the all-new Echo gives weight to this claim. The all-new Echo comes with multi-room audio support, allowing you to listen to music in different places of your house.

In addition to listening to music, you can use the new virtual assistant from Amazon to call and leave messages for other people with Echos or other Amazon products. More compact than the original, the all-new Echo has a great sound and it makes a great smart home speaker. So, how much does this virtual assistant from Amazon cost? Just $99. If you want an Echo with more features then you can go for the Echo plus which has a price tag of $150.

There you have it—6 technology gadgets that make great Christmas presents. Your family or friends or whoever you gift these gadgets to are bound to love their Christmas presents by you. To find out what other tech gadgets you can gift this Christmas, feel free to reach out to me.

by Bobby J Davidson

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