October 2, 2018

What Makes Any Place A Really Great Place to Work?

Great Place to WorkMultiple studies have conclusively shown that the most engaged employees and staff members are those ones who are fully invested in their jobs and work and therefore by extension, are really committed to their employers. Not only are they significantly more productive, but at the same time they also drive overall customer satisfaction ever upwards and, in this way, they outperform all those workers who are somewhat less engaged.

But the fact of the matter is that only a mere 20 percent of staff members all around the world usually declare that they are actually fully engaged at work.

Unfortunately, this is a very real disconnect and what is more, it serves no one at all. Not the employers and certainly not the employees either, who miss out on promotions and increments. This is why the need of the hour is to increase the productivity of the original 80 percent till it is really at par with the fully engaged 20 percent, so that the entire organization is fully engaged, and productivity has been maximized to the greatest possible extent. But the question is how to go about doing that? As in, how to make sure that the employees who are merely going through the motions are able to work to their best possible extent.

The answer is that some employers must shift their focus from trying to get as much out of their employees as they can, and invest more in them by the relatively simple expedient of addressing their four core needs. That is their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs so that they are fueled and freed and inspired enough to bring their very best to the table, not just for one day but for each and every (working) day of the week.

To put it mildly, it is little more than common sense, as such.  After all, if one is on a diet that basically lacks essential nutrients that are important for life then, it will certainly be no surprise if they end up being undernourished, and otherwise highly disengaged and therefore almost totally unable to perform at their very best.

Better wages and lower hours

It is imperative that the organization should commit to paying every employee a reasonable living wage.

Take the Henry Ford Example and a story my father loves to tell me:

It was in the early part of the last century that Henry Ford used the assembly line concept for mass production.  This concept involved multiple employees working on the same conveyor belt on which were placed different parts that constituted the iconic Ford model T.  The assembly lines were categorized into mini projects, which gradually led to the construction of a fully finished Model T when it rolled off the last line.  The whole project was managed by Henry Ford himself along with his team of senior executives.  So successful was this project based approach that by the 1920s just about half the cars in the USA were Model T vehicles.

The core human resources principle behind this concept was that workers be given more than twice the hourly wages in comparison to other car makers, giving them opportunities to buy things, such as one of those Model Ts. 🙂  Additionally they would get two full days off per week, so that they could enjoy those high wages with their families and friends as well. And their hours were also cut shorter as well.

This meant that the best talent was attracted to his company and they worked twice as hard. This is why Ford became a house hold name almost overnight, and people use his HR practices to this day.

The workers should also have a stake

It is wise for the organization to give all of its employees at least a minimum stake in the company’s success. It can be in the form of bonuses as a means of profit sharing, or alternatively stock options, or cash awards tied to stellar performance. In a nutshell, should the company be really doing well, then all employees should also get a chance to share in their success, in various meaningful ways.

The availability of healthy and nutritious food

It is the organization’s’ responsibility to provide healthy, high quality food, and to do so, at heavily subsidized rates. They can install vending machines or have really good options at their cafeteria. After all, hungry workers are not really very productive, as such.

The importance of gym facilities

It is important to take care of their physical exercise as well and here a well-equipped gym would sure come in handy and they can also try to install other facilities that also encourage staff members to move physically and try and stay fit and trim.

Since physical exertion is not everyone’s cut of tea. It is important to provide incentives for various employees to use these facilities so that they are able to regain their health and vigor and feel bit refreshed and energized at the same time as well.

The seminal importance of two way feedback

It is important to institute a form of two way performance review system, so that the staff members are not only able to receive regular feedback with regard to precisely how they’re doing.

Moreover, this feedback has to take and utilized in ways that support their growth, and at the same time they are also given better opportunities to be able to provide the requisite feedback to their supervisors so that they can improve their efficiency, to a significant degree.

Respect and concern is the key

All of the organization’s leaders and managers have to be accountable for treating all employees with their due respect and care. Furthermore, they should also appreciate hard work whenever possible.  The good ol’ pat on the back goes a long way.

Following these rules in the workplace can not only greatly increase efficiency, but at the same time, make the workplace a more fun experience for everyone concerned.

by Bobby J Davidson

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