July 15, 2023

Health is Wealth: The Cost of Being Unhealthy

We always hear the saying, “health is wealth.” But what does it mean? Does it imply that if we are healthy, we can also be rich financially?


Like wealth or material possessions, good health is valuable in our life. In fact, having a healthy body and mind is even more expensive than anything in this world because there is no amount of money or material wealth that can compare to the benefits they provide. Without good health, even the richest person may not be able to enjoy life and their material possessions.


Why Poor Health Will Cost You More Money


Some people say that living a healthy lifestyle can be expensive. You have to pay for gym memberships and workout equipment, organic and locally sourced foods, specialty diets, health retreats, and even medical procedures and treatments. This is the reason why others get discouraged from choosing to be healthy.


What they don’t know is that poor and unhealthy choices can actually be more costly in the long run. Here are common unavoidable expenses that you have to spend if you don’t focus on being healthy, fit, and active.


1. Medications


Having poor health means being prone to different kinds of diseases and illnesses. When you get sick, you will have to buy medicines to make you feel better. Depending on the severity and type of your illness, spending on over-the-counter drugs and prescription medications can vary in price and frequency of consumption. Poor health can lead to the need for long-term medication use, and the cost of medications can accumulate over time.


2. Hospitalization


For serious illnesses, injuries, or surgical procedures, hospitalization may be necessary. Hospitalization often involves costs such as medical tests, room charges, procedures, medications, and doctor’s fees. Poor health that requires hospitalization can lead to substantial medical bills and additional expenses, sometimes even draining your savings account.


3. Medical Treatments


Choosing unhealthy choices may lead to poor health and require costly medical treatments in the future. Treatments can be in the form of medical procedures, therapies, or interventions aimed at addressing specific health issues or promoting recovery. Although treatments can vary depending on your condition, frequent or ongoing treatments can significantly burn your sources of funds.


4. Caregiver Services


A caregiver refers to an individual, whether a family member, friend, or hired professional, who provides assistance and support to someone with a health condition or disability. Poor health can lead to conditions that might require you to seek assistance with daily activities, medical care, or emotional support. The cost associated with hiring a caregiver or receiving professional caregiving services can add up, especially if full-time or specialized care is required. 


5. Maintenance


In the context of health, maintenance refers to the ongoing management and care required to keep a chronic condition under control or prevent its worsening. This can involve regular check-ups, monitoring, lifestyle modifications, and adherence to treatment plans. Being unhealthy can lead to worse body conditions that may require long-term maintenance efforts, requiring recurring expenses for doctor visits, laboratory tests, specialized equipment, and supplies.


Choose to Be Healthy, Always!


Prioritizing and investing in good health is essential as it not only improves the quality of life but also helps avoid the financial burdens that poor health can bring. While some aspects of a healthy lifestyle can be expensive, you can always choose affordable alternatives or simply prevent unhealthy choices. By taking proactive steps to maintain good health through regular exercise, balanced nutrition, stress management, and preventive healthcare, you can save money in the long run and enjoy better overall well-being. Remember, health is indeed wealth, so always choose to be healthy.

by Bobby J Davidson

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