January 13, 2020

How a Positive Attitude at Work Can Help You Achieve Success

Positive AttitudeWhile there is no guarantee that every successful entrepreneur or business owner is a positive person, you can rest assured that they achieved their professional goals with a ‘can-do’ attitude. A positive attitude at work can do wonders for your professional and personal life as well. If you want to achieve success in your business, then you need to start thinking like a positive person.

The Importance of Maintaining a Positive Attitude at Work

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”—Henry Ford

How you think and behave can make all the difference. Positive thinking and a positive attitude at work will help you accomplish your professional goals and steer your business towards success. However, maintaining a positive attitude at work is easier said than done. This is because work can be stressful and challenging. Additionally, most business owners have obstacles to overcome and deadlines to meet almost every other day. Under such circumstances, maintaining a positive attitude at work can be difficult, to say the least.

However, the benefits of maintaining a positive attitude at work make the effort worth it. How you think and feel about your work and daily routine contributes greatly towards the success (or failure) of your business. Following are some of the reasons for having a positive attitude at work is crucial.

1.     Improved Problem-Solving Abilities

According to research by psychology professor Barbara Fredrickson, people with a positive mindset have more capacity to consume new information. This, in turn, improves perspective and a person’s ability to ‘‘connect the dots”. Ultimately, this makes them better equipped to deal with the obstacles and problems that may arise in their life or at work.

2.     More Energy

Dispositional affect is the personality trait that forces people to think either positively or negatively. The dispositional affect is of two types: positive and negative. According to scientists, people with positive dispositional affect have greater energy and enthusiasm than those with the negative type. However, negative dispositional affect is not necessarily a bad thing; many people with this personality trait tend to have a calm and relaxed demeanor. Nevertheless, the point is that having a positive mindset can help increase your energy levels.

3.     Enhanced Resilience

There are not many successful entrepreneurs that made it big with their first business venture or great idea. Instead, they have achieved a prosperous business after many mistakes and failures. These failures and mistakes made the entrepreneurs more resilient. However, this wouldn’t have been possible with a positive attitude.

According to Fredrickson, several studies have shown that positive thinking and attitude can help you build greater resilience. This is because positive emotions help you to quickly recover from negative emotions that you develop due to failures or mistakes.

4.     Better Decision Making

When you’re thinking negatively, there is a good chance that any decision that you make at this point will have a negative impact. If you maintain a negative attitude at work for most of the time, then there is a good chance that you will make a whole lot of bad decisions that negatively impact your business and its future success. On the other hand, maintaining a positive mindset and attitude at work for most of the time will result in you making decisions that help your business to grow and be profitable.

5.     Positivity Is Infectious

Business owners with a positive mindset and attitude are more likely to convince a potential customer to buy from them than entrepreneurs with negative thinking and attitude. The reason is that positivity is contagious and there’s some science behind it.

When you interact with someone in a positive way, the chemical oxytocin is released in the other person’s bloodstream. Oxytocin is associated with trust, empathy, and relationship-building. Another theory is that our ‘mirror neurons’ force us into replicating the actions of those we interact it. So, if you have a positive attitude towards your employees or customers, then you will get the same response. This can be great news for your business. Regardless of the reasons, positivity is infectious, and you should use this to your benefit.

6.     Health Benefits

Maintaining a positive attitude at work can help to improve your overall health. The problem with negative thinking and attitude is that it can cause a lot of stress. When you feel stressed at work every day, your health is more likely to deteriorate faster. Over time, the daily stress you experience can affect your immune system and, thus, your health. To avoid this, start incorporating positive thinking and attitude into your daily work life. You will soon start to experience the health benefits of this.

7.     Become a Role Model

As a business leader or owner, people already look to you for advice and guidance. However, this is mostly because of the position you hold. By maintaining a positive attitude at work, you will encourage your employees to come to you for advice, guidance, and feedback. They will be drawn by your positivity and you will quickly become a role model for them.

It’s Time to Be Positive

With so many benefits on offer, it only makes sense for you to see the glass as half-full than half-empty. In other words, you need to start maintaining a positive attitude at work; you also need to have a positive attitude towards your employees and customers.

If you don’t do this, then it will ultimately affect your employee productivity, sales, and bottom line. On the other hand, maintaining a positive attitude will not only help you to avoid all this, but it will also reduce your stress and keep you healthier.

by Bobby J Davidson

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