January 16, 2020

How You Can Stay Happy and Enjoy Life More as a Business Owner

Business OwnersWork-life balance is a serious concern for small business owners with as many as 50 percent entrepreneurs stating that they don’t have time to focus on themselves. Additionally, 40 percent of the surveyed business owners say that they don’t get to see their family and friends as much as they’d like to. This is affecting the happiness of the business owners and their ability to enjoy life. However, it shouldn’t.

Have you ever come across an individual who is always upbeat? If you have, then you would have noted that no matter what life throws at the individual, they always manage to keep their calm and cope on their own without a care in the world. While these people may naturally be full of positivity, it is quite possible to observe their behavior and mannerisms and form your formula for happiness.

What do you think will happen if you were to follow this formula? You will gain the ability to noticeably increase your happiness quotient within no time. Following are things that make up this formula and that will get you happy and enjoying life.

1.     Show Some Gratitude

The ability to be consciously aware of everything that you cherish and are thankful for is a factor that can boost your level of happiness. When you open your eyes every morning, you should try and spend some time recalling everything that you are grateful for. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Just start with the simplest of things such as showing gratitude for having enough food to eat, a roof over your head, and good health by writing this down in a journal.

2.     Give Back to the World

Do you have at least 10% of what you earn from your business to the church or a charity? If you don’t, then you should know that even though it may seem paradoxical, the act of charity has more returns than losses. Besides being an awesome act of helping others in need, whenever you give charity, you consciously experience a feeling that says, ‘Everything’s going to be alright.’

We find it hard to believe that there is any person out there who has felt disheartened after giving to charity. It’s simple—you have to give to get. When you do that, your level of happiness will automatically increase.

3.     Laugh Daily—It’s More Important Than Money

Do you laugh heartily every day? Do you purposely make it a habit to laugh every day? If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, then you should know that your body release a happy hormone known as oxytocin when you laugh. This hormone is known to naturally uplift your mood; laughter is one of the several ways this hormone is released in our body. Even if you make a habit of smiling, you will get to experience the very same effect.

4.     Foster Great Relationships with Friends and Family

Have you ever seen happy people spend too much alone or on their own? The more time you spend with people who matter in your life, you automatically forge the supportive relationships you need in stressful times.

Additionally, when you bond with others by sharing common experiences such as the ups and downs of life, you allow these people to naturally become your support network. People or business owners who do not spend a decent amount of time with their friends and/or family are prone to developing a sense of depression and loneliness.

5.     Give Yourself Some Alone Time

In contrast to the point we mentioned earlier, it is also sometimes important to take a step back from your support systems and just reserve some time for yourself. Your spirit needs to recharge from time to time and spending some alone time now and then will help you find the peace and silence you so require. Planning some time away from your friends and family can do absolute wonders for your outlook and mood.

6.     Do Whatever It Is That You Love

You may have come across the phrase— “Do whatever you love, and the money will simply follow.” Doing things that you love daily will ensure that you roll happily out of bed and with a sense of purpose. Things get even better when you are paid for what you love; it can help boost your happiness levels tenfold.

If your business is your passion, then the work you do will no longer feel like work. Instead, you will joy every aspect of your professional life.

7.     Do Volunteer Work in Your Free Time

Whenever you give, your focus shifts from your own life to making other people’s lives better. Whenever you do this, you start realizing that your problems aren’t as bad as you think they are. This has a profound effect on your mindset and helps you to experience an uplift in spirit.

8.     Avoid Regret

All of us make mistakes in life, and if you really think about it, this is what makes us human. Regardless of how careful you are, you are going to make mistakes now and then. Therefore, you should learn to forgive yourself and move on. Every person in this world tries their best to get through life in an ideal way. While no one wants this, mistakes can happen along the way. The key to staying happy and enjoying life is to let go and move on.

If you find it hard to stay happy and enjoy life as a small business owner, then you can consider some of the great advice above to increase your happiness levels and enjoy life more.


by Bobby J Davidson

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