September 11, 2017

3 Benefits of iOS 11 for businesses

iOS 11: Software with a Bunch of Exciting New Features

On Monday, June 5, Apple, the tech company headquartered in Cupertino, California, announced its newest iOS operating software at the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California. While iPhone users will start to benefit from Apple’s annual update this fall, you can try iOS 11, the software that will power the next iPhone, right now. On June 26, twenty days after making the announcement, Apple made the beta for iOS 11 to everyone, not just software developers.

The new software from Apple features several improvements. So, you have all the reasons to get excited and brag about the update in front of Android fans. iOS 11, the new Apple software launched in early June, clearly indicates that the next iPhone batch will be something ‘special’. If you think that the iOS 11 is just another iterative update that brings small tweaks and improvements, then think again because the software is so much more. Containing a bunch of exciting new features, iOS 11 will improve your iOS experience on both the iPhone and the iPad. Following are some of the most noticeable changes in the iOS 11 and how they’ll improve your iOS experience.

Control Center

One of the most important and noticeable changes in the iOS 11 is the Control Center. User customizable, the Control Center received a massive overhaul this year. Now, in addition to the default ones that Apple won’t allow you to change, you can add the toggles you want to the Control Center screen. Boasting a 3D touch support, iOS 11’s Control Center contains more options than ever before. Moreover, it contains secret features such as screen recording.


A useful iPhone tool for business owners, especially business owners, is Notes. Apple always improves the application with each iOS update, bringing it closer to other word editors. In iOS 11, you will be able number of useful functions in Notes including a built-in scanner, support for drag and drop, a tool to add tables to your notes and mark up tools. And, I’m talking about the updates in iPhone. iPad is going to have even more Notes features.


Another feature upgraded in iOS 11 is Apple Maps. Users of iOS 11 will be able to easily navigate to the local places and view the places with a better experience using the 3D feature. Moreover, the lines have been brought outdoors by the update. In addition to the guidance warnings and speed limits, you will get information on where to turn.

The New App Store

Something that should have happened years ago, is finally happening now. Apple is set to change the App store in iOS 11 like users long wanted. The new App store will offer a rich discovery experience and games will be separated from other apps in it.

There you have—four of the most important and noticeable changes in iOS 11. With that discussed, it’s time to look at how the iOS update can help your business.

How iOS 11 Can Benefit Your Business

Some businesses rejoice the launch of a new software while others are disappointed by it. A software change that has impacted businesses, in particular small businesses, in recent times is the launch of new iOS operating system. Whether they are good or bad, major changes occur in Apple devices whenever a new iOS system is launched. Often, not transitioning to the new iOS system is detrimental to users, especially if the user happens to be a business. On the other hand, making a smooth transition to the new software allows users, especially businesses, to reap the many benefits of iOS system update. Following are 3 ways iOS 11 can benefit your business.

Make and Receive Payment through Apple Pay

The ability to transfer money using Apple Pay is one of the best things about iOS 11. To do this, you need to open Apple Pay via the Messages app and then send money from credit or debit card through your Apple Wallet. Siri may suggest you to use Apple Pay to send or receive money if money is discussed on the Messages app. Moreover, you can ask Siri voice commands to pay someone.

When you receive payment in iOS 11, your Apple Pay Cash account will automatically be updated and the additional money will appear in your account. You can use the money in your account to make purchases in stores, apps and on the web. By fall 2017, the P2P payments and Apple Pay Cash will be available in the U.S to users of iPhone 6 and later, iPhone SE, iPad mini 3, iPad Air 2, iPad 5th generation and Apple Watch.

News App Update

All business owners want to the know the latest and trending news in their industry. This is something Apple has ensure with iOS 11 updates. In the iOS operating system, the News App will feature a new Spotlight Tab. Now, you will be able to view the best videos of the day related to your industry or other related industries under the ‘Today View’. This will surely make it easy for you to keep tabs on the latest developments, which in turn will help you innovate and grow your business.

Better Storage

Today, many business owners need to store a lot of data and files in their iPhones. For all such people, Apple has some good news: in addition to informing you about the data cluttering your iPhone’s memory, the storage menu in the iOS 11 will automatically free up space that you’re not using.

There you have it—the 3 benefits of iOS 11 for businesses.

by Bobby J Davidson

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