November 2, 2017

Managed IT Services – Why it is a Great Idea

Thinking about employing a managed IT service? Confused about whether you should employ it? Have little knowledge about what ITManaged IT Services managed services do? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place. Here we’re going to reveal everything there is to reveal about managed IT services. So, let’s look at why managed IT services is a great idea!

With managed IT services, companies can outsource the management of their entire IT infrastructure to a service with the required knowledge, expertise and tools. This results in cost savings and allows you to concentrate on areas that help generate revenue. In short, there are many benefits of opting for an IT managed service, with savings on IT infrastructure cost being the primary one.

Most businesses see their IT infrastructure as expensive and time-consuming. Considering this, it’s is no surprise that more and more businesses today are turning to managed IT services for managing their IT operations. These services have some that most businesses don’t have—specialized skills required to run their IT efficiently and cost-effectively. In short, there are many reasons to hire a managed IT service. Let’s look at some of them.

IT Expertise

By outsourcing your IT operations and activities, you give yourself more time to focus on business goals and core competencies. With the security that your IT infrastructure and environments are proactively being maintained by experts in the field, you have the peace of mind required to perform your best at whatever is your core competency. This in turn allows you to grow your business and make it successful.

Today, IT managed services guarantee service delivery and uptime. This includes connectivity to internet providers and key vendors. Additionally, they will help you to develop a disaster recovery plan to ensure that your business keeps functioning in case there is an IT failure.

Get an Edge Over the Competition

You can boost sales and make your business successful only if you beat your competition. Do things better than your competitors and you’ll almost certainly grow your business. You can outdo your competitors and gain an edge over them by saving wherever you can, and spending on the right things. In this day and age, this generally refers to streamlining your daily IT operations, and allocating more money to updating IT infrastructure and big data initiatives.

With a managed IT service, you can streamline your daily IT operations without spending exorbitantly on IT infrastructure. This way you can get an edge over the competition without spending exorbitant amounts for it.

Solutions That Can Tailored to Support Changing Needs

Today, managed IT services offer IT management solutions that are tailored to the unique set (s) of requirements of an organization. So, whenever yours or your customers’ needs change, you can customize the solutions provided by your IT managed service to meet or support the changing needs. Not only that, you can also scale your IT environment as it grows, and combine the different solutions provided by the managed IT service to support performance requirements and evolving workload.

Think of the managed IT service as an extension of your internal IT team. When you do that, you’ll warm up to the idea of allowing IT resources and technical experts that aren’t part of your internal IT team to have access to your IT networks and the information stored on them. There are many business and technical benefits of doing this so avoid giving it a second-thought.

Increased IT Security

For any business, online or else, security is of the utmost importance. If your business isn’t secure, then you should not even think about growing your business and making it successful. Today, most of the business is being done online—a place prone to data breach and theft. If the data you have online is breached, your business may cripple completely. For this reason, increasing the security of your IT network and systems is crucial. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all on your own. An IT managed service can do most, if not all, of the work for you.

A managed IT service can do all the dirty work for you—updating and patching workstations, updating software and firewalls, monitoring and maintaining your IT systems and more. By hiring a managed IT service, you can relieve your internal IT team of the above woes, while boosting the security of your IT network and systems.

Keeping IT costs under control

Generally, hiring a new service would mean adding to your existing business/operations costs but, this doesn’t apply when you hire the services of a managed IT service. While you do pay an upfront cost for recruiting an IT managed service, the IT infrastructure and management savings you get by hiring this service far outweigh what you paid to get it on your roster.

Managed IT services charge a fixed monthly fee for their services. Some of the services offered by them include managing daily IT operations and updating IT systems if and when required. The best thing about hiring a managed IT service is that you can scale your services upwards or downwards to meet your budget and/or changing requirements.

There you have it—the five major reasons managed IT services is a great idea.  But, this is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many more benefits to be had by hiring a managed IT service. If you’re interested in finding out about all the benefits of employing a managed IT service, then get in touch with us, today!  Check out our own managed services page here:

by Bobby J Davidson

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