July 10, 2018

How Mobile Technology Can Help Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouse EfficiencyToday, companies are under immense pressure to improve warehouse efficiency and minimize errors. The good news is that mobile technology can help them to rise to the challenge. Here is how mobile technology can help increase warehouse efficiency.

Information and communication technology has changed our lifestyle beyond all recognition, with mobility being one of the main factors of human development. Advancements in mobile technology have made it easy to call or text someone, check emails or send instructions, track parcels and pay bills. In logistics, mobility is a crucial condition that makes all other processes possible.

Businesses don’t need to stress about how complex their logistics processes are anymore. Time-consuming tasks such as manually managing a workflow are no longer required since it is now possible to automate all your tasks using mobile technology. If your objective is to increase the efficiency of your warehouse, then you should give a serious thought to mobile solutions. Why do we say that?

Mobile technology can improve your company’s warehouse operations in more than one way. By implementing mobile tech for your warehouse operations, you can ensure hands-free mobility, faster data entry, and more advanced tracking. By improving your warehouse efficiency, you can improve your overall logistics operations. Mobile technology provides your workers with a more effective way to accomplish tasks and this is where all the benefits of using mobile tech in warehouse emanate from.

Mobile Technologies That Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Some of the mobile technologies increase warehouse efficiency today include mobile computers, mobile printers, and wearable barcode scanners. Following is a brief look at each.

Mobile Computers

You may think otherwise but strong computing power is not confined to desktop computers and servers. Mobile computers and rugged tablets now provide the same reliability, computing power, and standard business applications. Since most mobile computers and rugged tablets are designed to support extreme warehouse conditions and many have military grade certification, you won’t need to worry about durability. Additionally, these computers are equipped with long lasting batteries and reliable wireless network capabilities.

Mobile Printers

With mobile printers, your workers have the freedom to generate labels from anywhere in the warehouse without having to be at a specific location. Provided there is good wireless warehouse network, workers will be able to print labels on site and avoid unnecessary walking time.

Wearable Mobile Computers and Barcode Scanners

This warehouse technology is a must for any organization striving to modernize their warehouse operations and increase warehouse efficiency. From receiving, to stocking, to picking, packing, sorting, and shipping, barcode scanners are at the center of an efficient warehouse. A necessity in warehouses, barcode scanners are evolving into more mobile, more ergonomic and friendly device than its predecessor—the handheld scanner/computer.

With mobile solutions such as wearable wing barcode scanner, companies get the hands-free benefit that allow their warehouse workers to remain productive and mobile without having to compromise between picking cargo or holding the scanner.

The Benefits of Using Mobile Technology in Warehouse Operations

With warehouse costs skyrocketing and supply chain networks becoming increasingly complex, more and more companies are embracing the mobile technology to improve their warehouse efficiency. Following are the reasons companies are preferring mobile technology over legacy systems to increase their warehouse efficiency.

Hands-Free Operation

Mobile barcode scanners are just one example of hands-free operation in warehouse. Other innovations such as wearable tech, AR, and RFID are also offering the same luxury. RFID and barcode technology can be operated hands-free or without any human intervention in some cases. Additionally, wearable technology and augmented reality (AR) can display the required product information without even having to handle the product.

This means that hands-free operation in warehouses is becoming more and more possible. With hands-free technology, you can improve tasks such as viewing pick or pack lists, scanning items and locating bins, among others.

In addition to the above, hands-free operations are possible in data-entry process as well, as products with RFID sensors can automatically check-in themselves when arriving at or leaving warehouse. This reduces the costs related to manual inventory checks.

These innovations have helped companies greatly increase overall productivity levels in their warehouses and maybe someday they can help turn the vision of fully autonomous warehouse into a reality.

Faster Data Entry

Data entry can now be a quick one-step process thanks to barcode and RFID scanners. These mobile technologies speed-up the process of receiving new shipments, performing cycle counts, or packing orders. Entering the details of each item is an out-of-date process and a waste of time. Instead, it is possible to scan the same tasks in a fraction of the time.

By implementing scanning with mobile devices, you can greatly improve efficiency and cut down on task completion time. This will allow you to optimize your labor for value-adding activities.

Advanced Tracking

Another benefit of using mobile technology in warehouse operations is advanced tracking. You can greatly improve your company’s supply chain visibility by using mobile technology alongside inventory management software. You can view up-to-date information on inventory database on the mobile screen itself since scanning technologies make it possible to perform data-entry in real-time.

In addition to the above, mobile technology can provide you with details of each inbound or outbound orders and display detail information such as the location of packages and estimated arrival time. The technology can also help the shipping department to verify the order and print bills laden with all the customer shipping information.

There you have it—how mobile technology can help increase warehouse efficiency. For more information on the use of mobile technology in warehouse and logistics operations, get in touch with us today!

by Bobby J Davidson

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