November 22, 2017

What is Raspberry Pi and What You Can Achieve with It

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi: One would assume that this is the name of a dessert but newsflash, it is not. Instead, Raspberry Pi refers to a series of single-board computers developed in the UK to promote basic computer science teaching in schools and developing countries. Here is more about Raspberry Pi and what can be achieved with it!

A great tool for artists, engineers, and students, Raspberry Pi is a computer board in the size of a credit card. A versatile board, Raspberry Pi is applicable in several areas. Fist launched during the start of 2014, Raspberry Pi is a bargain micro PC that brings with it innovative new computing capabilities not seen since the times of 8-bit. Inspired by the BBC Micro, Raspberry Pi has one primary aim: creating a low-cost device that would improve hardware understanding and programing skills at the pre-college level. Let’s now look at Raspberry Pi in a bit more detail.

Understanding Raspberry Pi

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are that you would have at least heard about Raspberry Pi. A small single board computer, Raspberry Pi has been applied in several different areas including industrial and commercial products, robotics, and education. The popularity of this device is evident from the fact that to date, over five million Raspberry Pis have been sold and this figure has been achieved in less than four years.

A low-cost computer in the size of a credit card, Raspberry Pi uses a standard mouse and keyboard and it can be plugged into a TV or compute monitor. The affordable price and small size of the Raspberry Pi encouraged many educational institutions, enthusiasts and tinkerers to buy the device. Generally, the purchase was made for projects requiring more than a basic microcontroller.

Raspberry Pi is an extremely useful tool to make kids understand programming and how computers work. But, it isn’t just for kids. A tiny device, Raspberry Pi makes computer exploration and learning programing in languages such as Python and Scratch possible for people of all ages. Slower than the traditional desktop or laptop, Raspberry Pi can provide many computer abilities at a low-power consumption level.

From word-processing to playing games to making spreadsheets to playing HD video and browsing the internet, Raspberry Pi can do everything you would expect a computer to do. An open hardware, Raspberry Pi features open and well-documented projects that you can build and modify on your own. Now that we have a good understanding of Raspberry Pi, it is time to look at the models available.

The Raspberry Pi Models

To date, five different models of Raspberry Pi have been launched. For beginners, the ideal models are the Pi 1 Model B+, Pi 2 Model B, and Pi 3 Model B. The reason for this is that these models are the most versatile and have the most capabilities. Additionally, there is an additional benefit of using the Pi 3 Model B, which is having 1 GB of RAM or a quad-core processor to support bigger operating systems such as Microsoft 10 and Ubuntu.

Though it is one of the most powerful Raspberry Pi models, the Model A+ comes with just a single USB port and it does not feature an Ethernet port. This makes it a good option for only those people who are tech-savvy and have a tech or engineering background. A mini version of the Model A+, Raspberry Pi Zero has a stronger computing power than its larger counterpart.

This Raspberry Pi model features a mini HDMI port and a micro USB port to ensure compatibility with 1080 output, but it doesn’t boast wireless capability. This model is extremely cheap but what kills the fun is that it is extremely hard to find as not many retailers are willing to keep it on their shelves. With good knowledge of the different Raspberry Pi models, you are in a good position to decide which model is best for your needs.

What Can You Achieve with Raspberry Pi?

Now comes the million-dollar question: what can you achieve with Raspberry Pi? There is a lot to achieve with the use of Raspberry Pi. Following are some great things that you can do with Raspberry Pi.

Learn Programming

One of the foremost reasons to use Raspberry Pi is making it easy to learn programming. A great programming platform, Raspberry Pi offers a wide choice of languages. So, if you want to learn computer programming and how the computer works, get Raspberry Pi right away.

Create a Low-cost Desktop PC

Provided you set it up properly, Raspberry Pi can be an extremely useful desktop PC. However, you will need a lot more than gadgets than just the Raspberry Pi to turn the latter into a desktop computer. Some of the things that you will require include a mouse, a screen, a keyboard and an additional storage device. Additionally, an operating system that is available for Raspberry Pi will have to be installed by you. Once you’ve set up the desktop PC using Raspberry Pi, you will have access to email, browsing and many other apps.


Cool machines, robots can be built and controlled with Raspberry Pi. You can also use Raspberry Pi to make a robotic arm work. But, ‘robotic arms’ is just one of the several robotics projects where Raspberry Pi can be applied. Other robotics projects where the latter is applicable include humanoid robots and drones.

There you have it—what is Raspberry Pi, its various models, and what can be achieved with it. If you want to know more about Raspberry Pi and its applications, then get in touch with us today.

by Bobby J Davidson

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