December 11, 2017

6 Ways to Read More Books

Read BooksHow many books have you read in your lifetime? 1000, 100, 50, 10? If it is the latter then, you’re not alone. In fact, I was just like you a few years back. Up until 2012, I had read a mere 15 books in my entire lifetime. Today, I boast the knowledge of over 100 books. So, how did things change so drastically for me and can the ways I used to increase my reading help you as well? Let’s find out!

For the first 25 years of my life, I had probably read approximately 15 books. But, do you know how many books I read in the whole of last year? More than 25 for the year, no doubt. So, what did I do during the last that I hadn’t been doing previously to read more books? The first and probably the most important thing that you or anyone for that matter should do to increase his or her is reading is stop giving lame excuses for not reading books.

When I talk to some people who most have ‘zero’ interest in reading and if I asked why; the reply I normally get is ‘I don’t have the time’. Seriously, not enough time to read a couple of pages of a book each day? Considering the fact that I had read only 15 books till that time, this may seem hypocritical on my part but you need to get the helpful point—there are no excuses for not reading books. Once you stop giving yourself or anyone else excuses for not reading books, you can try the following that might help you to read more books.

Set a Book-Reading Goal

If you want to increase the number of books you read each year, then set specific book-reading goals. For instance, determine how many books you want to read and how fast you want to finish them. This will help you track your progress and give you a reason to celebrate finishing reading a book. A great tool for tracking books lists and setting up specific reading goals is Goodreads. Additionally, using this app, you can connect with your Facebook friends, asking them to spur you on and encourage your reading progress.

Carry Your Book (s) With You

You will always have an opportunity to read. You just need to identify it and then grab it with both hands. On the bus, train, at the subway, or even at work while you eat lunch —there will be an opportunity to read but only if you carry your books with you. If you do have them with you, then just find the an opportunity and seize it before you start thinking otherwise. Carrying books with you is much easier if you have a digital version of them and this is what the next way to increase reading is about.

Read in A Way that Suits You Best

If you want to increase your reading, then you should read in a way that suits you best. If your preferred way of reading books is on Kindle or iPad or your mobile phone, then start doing that NOW. From my own experience, a suggestion that I would give you is read books in several different ways: physical books, audiobooks, digital books and any other form of books you can find. This are just suggestions; so, if you prefer to read books in a particular way, then do that.

When you read in a way that you like or in a way that you’re comfortable with, then you’re likely to develop an interest in reading and read more and more books.

Read While You Wait

Did you know that we spend an average of 4 hours in transit or in line somewhere? If you wait while travelling on the bus or train from you home to work and vice versa. You wait for you turn to take ride or on a work break.  The point is that there is so much waiting time in our life and most people allow this time to go to waste. One of the best ways to make use of this time is reading a book. Grab a book that you would read only when you’re waiting. Read a page or two or more of this book each time you wait. A week, two weeks, or a month later you will have finished reading this book. When that happens, grab a new book and repeat.

Read Before Bedtime

Don’t continue to give the tired excuse (pun intended) ‘I don’t have the time’.  You always have the time and the best time is just before bedtime. While most adults would use this time to browse social networking sites or just chillin’ on the couch surf the tube, you should use it to increase your reading. There’s no better time to read a book than the time before you hit the bed because at this time of the day, there is little disturbance and you can read a book with concentration, finishing the pages quickly and with a good understanding.

Make Reading a Priority

You could do all of the above, but if reading isn’t a priority for you then unfortunately you won’t be reading a hell-a-va lot of books. While this is last on my personal list, make reading books the top most priority. Make everything else, including TV watching or movies on Netflix / Amazon Prime. Make surfing the web or burning time on Facebook and/or Instagram a second priority.

So there you go… 6 ways to read more books. Use these ways and you will surely increase the number of books you read each year.  Enhance your intelligence every day.  It’s never too late.

by Bobby J Davidson

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