November 1, 2018

How Close Are You to Realizing Your Full Potential?

Reach Your Full PotentialOne of the biggest regrets that people have when they’re older is not realizing their true or full potential. Here’s what you can do to reach your true potential.

What do people mean when they say someone’s realized their true or full potential? They mean this in an academic context and it is generally to put across the belief that everyone has the potential to overcome barriers that have been set by their own minds or others. However, the truth is that ‘inborn talent or potential’ is somewhat of an oxymoron.

None of us are born with talent and we all differ in our potential to develop skills and attributes that later lead others to say that ‘we’ve reached our true potential’.

However, there is a counterargument to this which says that we are all born with talent or potential and some of us are blessed with a lot of it. Whenever they are faced with a tough or adverse situation, many people are quick to shame themselves and conclude that they’re just not ‘good enough’. Often, this causes one to forget the one great quality that we’re all born with—potential. But, this inherent quality also brings with a major risk—the risk that we will fail to reach our true potential.

Why People Fail to Reach Their True Potential

We, as humans, are essentially without limit, and not making the effort to tap into that potential, is the greatest mistake that you can make in your life. There could be many reasons why someone wouldn’t make the effort to reach their potential but if someone is not making the effort to tap into their potential, then it is probably due to the reasons below.

Lack of Self-Awareness

Often, it is a lack of self-awareness that stops people from realizing their potential. This may sound odd as we’re told that people who don’t realize their potential are well-aware of it. However, that is not always true.

On several occasions, people simply don’t know what they’re capable of because no one has ever told or shown them what they can achieve. In fact, it is an irony of life that the more potential you have, the less likely you are to be aware of it, which in turn prevents you from nurturing and reaching your true potential.

Lack of Motivation

Want to fulfill your true potential? Then master whatever skills or craft you’ve picked for yourself. However, there are times when you won’t feel up for the task and won’t put in the effort required. However, you can unlock your true potential only if you’re motivated for every task that comes you way. Your talent is of no good if you lack the motivation to use it for your greater good.

To unlock your true potential, you need to be motivated for every task that comes your way. Motivating yourself is easy when you work on things that interests you or with people you like. So, make sure that is the case.

Being in the ‘Wrong’ Place

While some people thrive in controlled and systematic environments, other find it suffocating. For this reason, it is important that you work in environment that not only suits your interest, but also your personality type.

For example, choose a dynamic work or team environment if you’re an extrovert and a solo/quiet work environment if you’re more on the introverted side. Find the right environment for your personality will help you to flourish and reach your true potential. Believe me, the right environment can do wonders for you.

What You Can Do About It

Now that you know the reasons stopping your from reaching your true potential, you need to figure out how you can overcome them. I’ll give you a few seconds: 1, 2, 3……Alright, you can stop thinking. Following are some ‘easy to do’ things that can help you reach your true potential.

Reflect on Your Life

If you want to realize your potential, then commit to half an hour of quiet reflection each day. No, if not asking you to sit on the floor, close your eyes and meditate. Instead, I’m asking you to schedule some ‘alone-time’ each day when you can quietly think about everything that’s happening in your life.

Think about your past, present and future. Think about your strengths and think about where you want to be 2, 5, 10 or 20 years from now. This is all part of the process that will help you reach your true potential.

Set Goals and Define Who Your Role Models Are

Goals are what give our lives direction and purpose and without them, we’re just surviving. So, set goals and not just any goals but those that stretch your limits and push you out your comfort zone. As Roy T. Bennett—the author of the Light in the Heart, said:

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”[1]

Not only do you need to set goals, you also need to identify your ideals or role models. Don’t just identify them, but also model yourself after them. Take lessons from their life because if you don’t do that, you will develop all the bad habits, picked up from all the wrong people.

Become a Life-Long Learner and Embrace Change

If you want to grow in life, the commit to learning each day. Go out, explore and learn new things every day as this is the only way you will unlock your true potential. But, more important than becoming a life-learner is embracing change. If you’re not willing to change, then you’re never going to realize your potential—not today, not tomorrow, not in a hundred years. So, realize that change is good and be dynamic, adaptive and evolving!

If you commit to the above things and make them a habit, then reaching your true potential will be easy. An experienced life coach can help you do that.

by Bobby J Davidson

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