February 1, 2019

Different Ways of Using Technology for Increasing Safety and Security

Security TechnologyThe world is, not only a really dangerous place, but at the same time it is getting more and more dangerous as well. We have only to read the newspapers to be presented with headlines regarding the latest and most recent cyber-attacks, terrorist threats or home break-ins. All of the above are more or less near constant reminders of the sheer number of threats that we have to face, on a day to day basis.

This is the part where technology comes into the picture. It has of course made our businesses as well as our homes a bit more vulnerable to exploitation by oft unscrupulous elements. But nevertheless, at the very same time it has been used to provide us with the myriad different tools that may be used to combat the very specific risks and dangers that currently exist today.  Let us check out a few of the more comparatively more innovative technologies that have been designed to make us, and by extension our business a whole lot safer, then ever before.

o   The Octopus software

Few people (unless that is, that they are working in high- tech security) would give a whole lot of thought to the many highly complicated security systems that are currently functional in many schools, factories malls, as well as companies. After all, they are manned by security guards and are also suitably well equipped with various monitors that are hooked on to individual CCTV networks. Most such security is (generally speaking) discreetly hidden from sight so as to prevent any anxiety from the point of view of the visitors to these complexes.

Octopus, is an Israeli startup, that also gives surveillance and security personnel greater flexibility while simultaneously acting to enhance overall security.  It effectively combines a really comprehensive security protocol enabled software with a highly robust smart phone application.

In other words, Octopus is a very specific “Physical Security Information Management system” or PSIM that effectively enables various organizations to efficiently manage all their safety security, and logistical needs from only one place.

The main advantage of the Octopus security software suite is that it can seamlessly interface with all the many security systems that co-exist within the organization, such as fraud prevention, alarm systems, various alerts of cyber-attacks, entrance monitoring safety, and even closed-circuit cameras. The ability to seamlessly unify all these means of ingress protection will also spare various companies a whole lot of unnecessary expenditures and payments for the purchase of highly expensive accessory equipment for their many security systems.

o   The Companion

I will call you when I get there,” is an oft repeated departing comment said by many people to individual friends and family members alike, when they want someone to assure their friends that they have reached home safely.

The ‘Companion’, is am all new app for those people who are worried about walking home alone, especially when its dark and lonely. Basically, it promotes the buddy system and allows the app’s many users to ‘go on the grid’ and choose their own “companions.” These are those people who are already part of their contact lists which they can choose (either individually or as groups) in order to track their location as they take their late night stroll to their home.

Basically the “Companion app” acts as a sort of real time tracking application, that essentially enables its core users to map both their starting as well as their ending locations, easily enough. As a matter of fact, many users can also add family friends, or (if required) even police officers to be their chosen “companions.”  The app will allow these companions to easily follow the app user on a location map until they have safely reach their end destination. Once the individual has reached his or her home, the companions they have chosen to share their location with, will automatically be sent notifications to this effect. But in the event of an untoward incident, the companions chosen by the app user would be able to quickly go to the location themselves, or alternately send help on the way.

One of the key advantages of this app is that it can be used to track the user on any map, thus effectively eliminating the overall need and hassle for both the users as well as their companions to download and install the same app on their respective smart phones or other devices.

o   The “Driver’s Little Helper’ app

This is one app where technology has really helped in keeping families safe. If you tend to travel with a little “baby on board,” or for that matter any small child or toddler, then his or her safety is certainly your paramount concern. Unfortunately, many, if not most kids have a well-developed knack for wiggling out of their baby seats, especially if they have not been fastened properly. Apart from that, there have been many instances, when kids have nodded off and the adults have gone out of the car without realizing that they have accidentally left their “most precious cargo” behind.

This is the part where the “Driver’s Little Helper” comes to the fore, as it is an electronic monitoring system app that seamlessly works with both iPhone and Android operating systems.  It uses wireless blue tooth technology to ensure that the car seat monitor present in your vehicle effortlessly syncs with your smart phone in order to help you keep your baby safe.

As a matter of fact, the car seat monitor pad will be able to measure temperature pressure, and movement and it will send you the requisite alerts through a free app that you can easily download on your smart phone (or any other compatible) device.

This nifty little monitor can be easily fitted on any car seat, so that you can drive with the sure knowledge that your darling little baby is perfectly safe.

While it is true that technology may not be always able to solve all of our myriad safety concerns, but it most certainly can make a certain difference, sometimes one app at a time.

by Bobby J Davidson

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