October 11, 2017

3 Ways to Improve the SEO Ranking of Your WordPress Website

SEO Rankings

While setting up a WordPress website is easy, properly optimizing it for SEO can be a bit of a task. To improve their SEO rankings, some SEO experts have used deceitful means to try and trick Google and other search engines. The deceitful means include tactics such as ‘Black Hat SEO’ that are used to fool search engines such as Google. Since Google doesn’t encourage these practices, it is always fine tuning its algorithm to eliminate them altogether.

The primary objective for Google is to deliver search results that users find timely, interesting and relevant. For this reason, you need to ensure that Google finds your website and content timely, interesting and relevant to users. But how can you do that?

Let’s find out.

There are tons of ways for you to get your website and/or content ranked high on search engines like Google. But before try doing that, you need build an understanding of SEO and how it works.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A strategy used to target different kind of search, SEO improves the quality or volume of traffic to your website from search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google. The theory is that the higher a site appears in a search engine results page (SERP), the more traffic it will generate from the search engine.

Most WordPress users talk about SEO but only a few practice it. Now, there are many different strategies to boost the SEO ranking of a WordPress website. Some of these strategies are standard operating procedures, while some are practiced on a relatively small scale. So, without wasting any further time, let’s take a look at the 3 ways to boost your SEO and improve the ranking of your WordPress website on search engines.

Create Unique Content

You just can’t separate SEO from unique content or vice versa. Google loves unique content and there is no doubting that. Search engine optimization will be effective only if it is aided by unique and high quality content. For this reason, the content on your website should contain keywords and be easily readable. Crucial to SEO, unique, quality content helps a website rank higher in search engine results. Additionally, since they portray you as an authority on a particular subject or field and relay to your website visitors that you can be trusted, the links earned with quality content can be extremely beneficial for SEO.

Now, there are four aspects of unique, quality content. The first aspect is that the content should be comprehensive and meaningful, meaning your content should be relevant to your business and the readers. The second aspect of unique, quality content is long form content. This means that you should create lengthy articles or blogs. The reason being that compared to shorter articles, longer content tends to be shared more on social media and other content sharing platforms.

Another important aspect of high quality content is that it includes photos and/or videos. Rather than reading plain text, many web users prefer reading content which has both text and phots/videos. The final and probably the most important aspect of quality content is that it should be easily readable. Use a Font that easy on the eyes and ensure that the content flows smoothly without any errors.

Exchange Backlinks

Another way for you to improve the SEO ranking of your website is exchanging backlinks with other relevant websites. This is something most developers of WordPress sites also recommend. Backlinks are like votes for your page. This makes them extremely important. The more the websites ‘vote’ for your webpage, the higher your ranking will be.

From an SEO perspective, backlinks demonstrate how popular a site is. When sites link to your pages, they are basically saying to your visitors that your content is reliable and worthy of sharing. If a lot of sites do this, then search engines will automatically conclude that your site provides quality information and thus, should be awarded with a higher ranking.

For the aforementioned reason, Google gives great importance to backlinks. If other sites are ‘voting’ for your site or content, then Google presumes that you’re offering the kind of quality content that it wants to give its search engine users. Consequently, it gives you a higher search engine ranking, which is obviously good for your business.

Highlight Informative Keywords or Content

WordPress WebsitesA great way for you to boost your SEO is highlighting informative keywords or content on your website. While highlighting these keywords or content on your website is important, make sure that you don’t overdo it. Make sure that your keyword density does not exceed 3-5%. If you don’t do that, then search engines such as Google may confuse your site with spam. When that happens, your content is rejected and penalized, and it won’t appear in search engine results.

You can have the most informative and well-written content but it won’t do you any good if people don’t know where to find you. Keywords are crucial. So, do your research to ensure that you know what your customers are searching for. Since competition to get to the first page of search engines is fierce, avoid using highly general search terms. Instead, use long tail keywords phrases that are important to your niche. This will brighten your chances of claiming a spot on the first page of search engines.

There you have it—the three ways to boost SEO and improve the search engine ranking of your WordPress website. In addition to above, you can take help from SEO professionals to improve the SEO ranking of your website.

by Bobby J Davidson

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