June 18, 2019

Five Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media isn’t just all fun and games. It can be great channel for generating leads. Here are five ways to optimize your social media marketing campaign.


Want to improve your lead generation? Then, social media is the place to do that. Why do I say that? Since billions of people use social media each day, you would be shooting yourself in the foot if you didn’t take advantage of the powerful and mostly-free social-media platforms.

Truth be told, social media platforms can be a gold mine for leads. While using social media for increasing brand awareness and credibility is still useful, it isn’t ground-breaking anymore. In fact, it’s the norm. Your social media marketing campaigns should focus on lead generation. Let increased brand awareness and credibility be a by-product of your social media marketing efforts rather than the focus of your campaigns.

So, it’s established that social media marking for lead generation is a necessity rather than an option. However, this leads to a more important, pressing question: how do you optimize your social media marketing campaign for lead generation?

Optimizing your social media marketing campaign can benefit your business in more than one way. It can help you increase your brand visibility and awareness, generate more lead qualified leads and improve your sales numbers.

Today, many businesses are leveraging social media to successfully gather targeted leads. No matter what your lead generation goals, optimizing your social media marketing campaign can help you take your lead generation campaign to the next level. So, how can you optimize your social media marketing campaign for your business? Here are five steps to follow:

1.     Understand the Lead Generation Problem

Your business is missing out on a lucrative marketing channel if you haven’t given social lead generation a shot. If you have tried social lead generation, but are not getting the quality leads you desire, then you may need to assess your social media marketing campaign to find out your lead generation problem and what’s causing it.

For most businesses, the lead generation problem is a lack of ROI. Have the same lead generation problem? Then there are two likely issues: there is no established way for your team to measure social media success and you haven’t aligned your marketing efforts on social media with the goals of your business.

So, how do you overcome these problems? You don’t allow futile metrics to distract you and instead focus on metrics that add to your revenue. This solves the first problem of having no established way for your team to measure social media success. As for the second issue, you need to have a strategy for social media that supports your efforts to generate leads. This is the ultimate objective of every marketing campaign.

2.     Align Actions to Goals

You need to know and understand the goals you’re trying to reach to improve your social media marketing strategy. Even if your end goal is to make or increase sales, you need to specify the channels and activities along the way where social media can boost your lead generation efforts. You can get a better understanding of this by answering the following questions:

  • Are you increasing your know-how to construct more vigorous customer profiles?
  • Are your social media pages driving more traffic to your website? Getting more people to sign up for emails?
  • Is Your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) improving?
  • Are leads converting to sales more quickly?

3.     Optimize Your Profiles

If you want to generate more leads on social media, then the simplest way to do that is optimizing your business page profiles. How can you optimize your business’s social media presence? You can do this by accessible contact information, a compelling call-to-action, a link to your website and your value proposition obvious.

It is as simple as this: if people don’t know how to reach your business or what you want them to do, they will never become a lead. So, how can you optimize your business page profiles? First, make sure you have a business name that your customers and prospects will associate strongly with your business. Not only will this ensure consistency in brand recognition, but it will also impact whether or not your Facebook business page shows up in Google search results. So, choose your business name for the profile wisely.

Another important thing to do is include a link in your Bio. This includes a link to a ‘Contact Us’ page where the users can input their information and link to a landing page that has been optimized to collect leads. Also, make sure you have a call-to-action. Facebook makes this easy by giving you the option to include a CTA button. Finally, make sure your page’s ‘About us’ section is complete with your business’s address, phone number, hours of operation, and summary.

4.     Run Social Media Ads

Social media platforms provide businesses the ability to target highly specific audiences, making it one of the most effective ways of put your business in front of people most likely to convert. Ads designed specifically for lead generation are taking this a step further.

Example of these ads are Facebook Lead Ads and LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads.  Lead ads allow Facebook users to express interest in a business offering by filling out a form, which in turn allows the business to contact them. Users don’t have to enter the information themselves as Facebook automatically populates the form with their contact information.

LinkedIn Lead Gen ads work in a similar way.  By simplifying the process for users, social media ads increase the likelihood that users will submit their information in return for your content. And, this increases your changes of collecting leads.

5.     Offer a Free Trial

This is a pretty simple strategy: offer a “free-mium” version of your product and promote it using social media. While a free trial can generate leads on its own, social media will expand the reach of your campaigns and amplify your results.

Social media is the fastest and most cost-effective way to generate leads. Using the aforementioned-steps, you can optimize your social media marketing campaign for your business and generate high-quality leads that convert. For more tips on optimizing your social media marketing campaign, keep following our posts.

by Bobby J Davidson

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