February 17, 2018

Successful People Do these 7 Things to Stay Healthy

successful peopleRegardless of how accomplished or experienced you are professionally, performing at peak levels is difficult—if not impossible, when you’re feeling sick and/or tired. Every now and then, a cold, gastroenteritis or other viral illness would catch you napping. But, the successful people amongst us are rarely affected by these health issues. Here’s why!

If you’re looking for the recipe for success, then know that you hold within yourself the power to achieve everything that you ever desired. To quote Carl Jung—the famous 19th century research scientist and the founder of analytical psychology, “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

Successful people are successful because of their habits. Your habits are what make or break you. So, starting today, you need to make a conscious effort to develop good habits. One area that needs special attention in this regard is your health. ‘Health is wealth’—this is both a famous proverb and a rule by which successful people live their lives. Taking a leaf out of successful people’s book, following are the 7 things you can do to stay healthy.

Wake Up Early

Want to be successful? Make a habit of waking up early. You will get the same advice from the successful people as it has worked for them. You won’t find many millionaires who indulge in ‘beauty sleep’. And, why would they—they have so much to accomplish each day and sleeping more than necessary wouldn’t help their cause.

According to Rich Habits—a research based book by Thomas C. Corley that talks about the daily success habits of wealthy individuals, almost half of the wealthiest people wake up three hours before the start of the work day. In comparison, only 3% of the poor people have the same habit. So, if you want to be successful, make it a point to wake up early each day.


A habit common among successful people is exercise. Whether it is a gym workout, a yoga session, or a jog in the park, successful people make it a point to exercise each day. Most of the successful people exercise in the morning and there’s good reason for it—exercising in the morning fills you up with energy for the rest of the day and it provides you with a sense of accomplishment which you can leverage to accomplish even more things during the day.

In addition to the above, morning exercise eliminates the possibility of missing out on your daily workout session just because you had a long and tiring day at work. Exercising daily is crucial—it conditions your body and ensures long-term health. Without going overboard with their exercise regimen, successful people commit to daily workout routine. Regular exercise and physical activity keeps the successful in a desired physical state—a state that allows them to accomplish anything and everything they want to accomplish.

Eat Healthy

Successful people value their health greatly and thus make healthy eating choices. They accomplish this by counting calories every day. In Rich Habits, Corley states that compared to just 3% of poor people, more than 60% of the wealthy individuals eat fewer than three hundred calories of high-carb food each day. Many factors contribute to this eating habit of successful people but the biggest reason for it is a longer life, which of course means more life opportunities.

Fasting Once Per Week

You may be surprised to know this but a common habit of successful people to stay healthy is restraining from all food and beverages for a 24-hour period once every week. By leveraging our body’s self-healing properties, fasting improves our health radically. During fasting, our digestive system is at rest and our organs get sufficient time to repair and heal themselves. This results in improved overall health. There are several benefits of this weekly activity including:

  • Eliminating Toxins
  • Improving digestive efficiency
  • Improving vision
  • Increasing mental clarity
  • Increase physical and mental vigor
  • Gaining a general feeling of well-being

Maintaining a Positive Attitude

The power of positive thinking is something successful people talk about a lot. But why? Negative thinking not only affects your mind, it also has an impact on your body and physical well-being. Realizing this, successful people find ways to relieve emotional stress and look for positives in the challenges they face each day. Additionally, they reward themselves for even minor achievements and they try to make light of serious situations. If there was only one thing that kept successful people healthy, then positive thinking and attitude would have to be it.


Most people tend to overlook their mental health when they’re talking about their health and the ways to improve it. Mental health is as important as physical health and the sooner you realize this, the better it will be for you. So, how do successful people ensure their mental well-being? By meditating or visualizing.

You will many resources on meditation and how to perform it online. However, visualizing is simple and you just need to find a quiet place, close your eyes and focus on all the successes that you will have. Even a minute of this activity each day can help you improve your overall mood and how you perceive the things in your life.

Give Yourself the Deserved Rest

Don’t underestimate the importance of giving your body and mind due rest. After a long and tiring day, successful people make it a point to give their body and mind enough rest to allow it to recover and be ready for the day ahead.

Successful people are successful for a reason—they do things that the unsuccessful people don’t. This includes taking care of their health in the ways I mentioned above. Time to step it up!

by Bobby J Davidson

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