November 7, 2017

4 Ways to Reach Your Target Audience

Target AudienceDefining your target audience is the first step to make your marketing and advertising campaign more focused. Why is that important? You cannot expect to have a successful marketing or advertising campaign unless you know who you’re marketing or advertising to. Once you’ve defined your audience, the next step is devising an appropriate marketing strategy for them. Here are the 4 ways to reach your target audience!

The best ways to reach your target audience depends on who your target audience is. By finding out who your target audience is, you can map the marketing campaigns to reach out to the right people. By defining your target market, not only do you increase your chances of reaching out to the right people, you also save valuable time. Now, the ways to reach the right people or your target audience depends on who your target audience is. But, there are some tried and tested ways that work for just about every business. Here are a few:

Choose an Appropriate Communication Channel

Choose the wrong communication channel and you’re bound to lose your target audience somewhere in the middle of the sub-Saharan desert. Okay, don’t that take literally. It is just a metaphor for what’ll happen if you use the wrong medium(s) to find and connect with your target audience. On the other hand, choose the medium (s) where most of your target audience is and you won’t just increase your chances of reaching out to your target audience, but will also increase your chances of winning new customers.

By choosing an appropriate communication channel, you make it easier for yourself to convey a message easily and more clearly. When your intended message reaches the audience for whom it is intended, your chances of getting a response from your target audience and winning new customers brighten. So, be smart and before anything else, determine the appropriate channel to communicate with your target audience.

Be More Active on Social Media

Want to reach out to the right people for your business? Create a social media page and be active on it. Create a page for your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Google+ and be as active as you can on them. Being active here means creating content and sharing it, constantly updating status with valuable or interesting information on your company socials about social issues or things related to your business or industry.

It isn’t necessary that you post on these social media platforms about things related just to your business. You can also tweet or update status about social issues or the latest happening in the world of entertainment, industry news, sports etc. Just make sure that what you tweet or post about isn’t something your target audience finds offensive.

The point here is that creating a business page on social media isn’t enough for you to find and reach out to your target audience. You also need to be active on it. The more active you are on social media, the more are your chances of getting attention on it—the right attention that is! Once you get the attention you seek on social media, you should aim to get more of it. Slowly but surely, you’ll get where you want to be, which is complete exposure to your target audience.

Build your Network

Want to succeed as a businessperson? If yes, then build your network and keep growing it. Business is all about making connections and strengthening them over time. Your network works like a loop. You build one connection and you’re automatically transported to another. The more people you know, the better are your chances of reaching your target audience. It isn’t necessary that the people you know are potential customers. You can also make connections with people who you think can help you reach your intended audience.

Never underestimate the power of Word-Of-Mouth. In fact, it is the one of the greatest ways to build or grow your business. Today, Word of mouth is more important than ever before. The internet has made it extremely easy for anyone to create awareness about a business, a product, or a service or spread a positive or negative word about. So, make connections both offline and online—connections that’ll act as your advocates and promote your business whenever and wherever they can. Make this happen and you’ll almost certainly reach your target audience.  We have worked hard to maintain an 89% repeat or referral rate at Percento; something we are very proud of, as this is reflection on our great staff.  We are very lucky to have our good people and I like to brag about them whenever we can.

Create an App and Spread the Word

This is an extension of the above. Create a business app and leverage the network that you’ve build to spread the word about your app. Most people today have a smartphone. Whether it is android or iOS, the smartphone provides the user with an app store from where he/she can download all sorts of app, from gaming apps to shopping apps to apps of different businesses. Get your app on these app stores and spread the word about it. Aim to get as many people as you can to see your app. More people having exposure to your app means more people knowing about your business and this in turn means better chances of reaching your target audience, which was the aim all along.

So, there you have it—4 ways to reach your target audience. I hope this is helpful for you as there are many others to reach your target audience and win new customers. However, the above-mentioned ways to reach your target audience are proven (tested and tried) ways of reaching your target audience. If you’re interested getting help today with your social media efforts or to build an app for your company, then get in touch with us, today!

by Bobby J Davidson

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