December 21, 2017

5 Tech Gifts for Health-Conscious Clients

health tech giftsChristmas is almost here—a time of the year rejoiced by most but dreaded by some. The unpreparedness for the occasion or buying gifts for it haphazardly is a major reason why some people dread Christmas day. This applies not just to individuals, but to businesses as well. No business can survive without clients/customers and clients play a major role in the growth of a business. Want your clients to keep coming back to you? If yes, then show them some love. If they are health conscious, then here are the 5 tech gifts to give them this Christmas!

Your clients are the ones keeping your business alive and growing. So, it is important that you show them some love and appreciation this Christmas. A great way to do that is giving them gifts that they will not just appreciate, but also use. If your clients are like most people today, then it is likely that they are making a shift to a healthier lifestyle. If you know clients like that, then there are some awesome gifts for your clients out there.

We have put together some great health-related tech gifts for all your health-conscious clients. These gifts would make the perfect Christmas presents for them. Even if you don’t have health-conscious clients or aren’t aware of them, consider gifting something different from unhealthy choices such as chocolates to clients this Christmas. Give them something that will improve their lives. Here are 5 tech gifts that not juts your health-conscious clients, but other clients will love as well.

1.     The Nima Sensor

Celiac disease affects 1% of the population. Caused by the consumption of gluten, the disease can cause food intolerance or sensitivity. An attached food sensor, the Nima sensor is great for keeping gluten sensitivity or intolerance in check as the gadget can test gluten levels. The device has a very simple function as it takes less than two minutes to indicate whether the food is safe for consumption after a small food portion is placed in one of its test capsules. In addition to indicating food consumption safety, the Nima sensor has an app that allows users to inform other users about the safety of consuming specific food options and gives them an opportunity to review restaurants.

2.     The Omron Evolv

A clinically ratified wireless blood pressure monitor, the Omron Evolv is a lightweight device which makes it super easy to carry and use. Using an app designed for the device, you can easily measure, store and share your blood pressure with the Omron Evolv. Not only does the device have great function, it also has an aesthetically pleasing design. Coming back to the device’s function, the Omron Evolv uses Advanced Accuracy—an algorithm of heart health, to measure additional data points and remove any movement interference for error-free, objectively-accurate readings. As mentioned above, you can easily store and share these readings using the device’s app.

3.     Oral B Genius 9000S Electric Toothbrush

Most dentist will tell you that one of best ways to keep your teeth sparkling white is investing in an electric toothbrush. But, this doesn’t mean that you should buy an electric toothbrush blindfolded. Instead, do your research and find out the best electric brushes out there. The good news is that we’ve already shortlisted a top of the line electric toothbrush for you to save your valuable time. The electric toothbrush that we’ve come up is the Oral B Genius 9000S electric toothbrush.

A unique electric toothbrush that your clients will love, the Oral-B Genius 9000S syncs with the Oral-B app via Bluetooth to inform you about how best to use the electric toothbrush. This ensures clean and white teeth that you can proudly flaunt in front of the world. Also, if someone is brushing too hard, then the pressure control alerts them and the SmartRing feature of the brush will light up a bright red light and lower the brushing speed to keep your delicate gums safe. In addition to cleaning and safety features, the Oral-B Genius 9000S comes with a compact case and has great battery life as it can last for more than ten days on a single charge. This is an ideal gift for your clients to take with them on holidays.

4.     PainPod

This is a tech gift that your clients with any kind of chronic pain will love. People with chronic pain would kill for anyone that would help lower their pain. So, you can save your clients with chronic pain from incarceration by gifting them PainPod this Christmas. A wearable tech, PainPod is one of the alternatives to the drug-based painkillers out there. Listed by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), PainPod could potentially change medical science as we know it.

Claimed as the most unique medical tech device available today by its manufacturers, PainPod is powered by a new biomedical technology that uses microcurrents. A device that can understand our nervous and body systems, PainPod can help alleviate chronic pain by managing the pain, improving performance and speeding up recovery. If you want to impress your health-conscious clients and show them that you care, then consider gifting them PainPod.

5.     Eight Sleep Tracker

As most married people know, conflicting sleeping habits can jeopardize a relationship. The good news is that there is device that help make conflicting sleeping habits less of a problem. A modern smart sleep device, Eight Sleep Tracker can track your sleep and set varying temperatures for each bed side. This is great news for all those who want their marriage/relationship to last long.

There you have it—the 5 tech gifts for health-conscious clients. To find out about other similar gifts, get in touch with us today!

by Bobby J Davidson

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