November 16, 2018

Different Means Through Which Voice Recognition Technology Can Really Help Doctors

DoctorsIn the extremely fast paced world of medical sciences as they are practiced today, just about every second certainly counts for a lot. This is due to the fact that people’s lives may be endangered due because of any delay and even a small fraction of a second, can potentially count towards the saving of a precious human life.

Under the circumstances, it is perhaps possible to understand the tremendous pressure that the many doctors as well as other medical health practitioners have to go through on a day to day basis, in the many different hospitals and clinics that are scattered throughout the country.

This is why it is all the more important for them to gain access to the type of ‘game changing’ technology that can not only streamline their work but at the same time, also save them the critical time that they really need, in order to take better care of their patients. Rather than simply taking care of tedious documentation and associated paperwork. As a matter of fact, the more time doctors have on hand to focus on their patients, all the better will they be, as far as their primary jobs of helping the sick and the really ill patients, are concerned.

o   EHRs (electronic health records)

Many hospitals and other health care service facilities in the US now utilize EHRs or electronic health records for their patients so that the same can be safely and easily updated in actual real time on a ‘treatment to treatment’ basis. However, it is pertinent to note here that should a doctor even take just ten to fifteen minutes to update the EHR methodically enough, then that is ten to fifteen minutes too much, since the sheer amount time that is used for this activity on a day to day basis can easily take away, quite a substantial chunk of the medical health worker’ full working day. In the long run, what this is means is that many such patients can potentially be left over, at the end of the day.

This is the part where voice recognition (VR) technology comes into the picture. As a matter of fact, even as the very term suggests, it can easily help the many doctors who are able to use this technology to help make most of the more important as well as relevant entries in the electronic health records, by the fairly simple expedient of speaking out the all of the data, that needs must be recorded as soon as possible.

The benefits of speech or choice recognition technology includes the following:

o   Overall Flexibility of Speech

Voice recognition software these days offers a veritable host of options where it is entirely possible to detect even the most subtly mispronounced words (based on the speaker’s accent as well as dialect). This is why today’s perennially busy clinicians can now easily store the relevant information in the software with considerably more accuracy, then had hitherto been possible before.

All that the doctor has to do in effect, is to just simply ‘talk’ to the software program and it will do the rest by carefully typing out exactly what has been said into the microphone, word for word.

Moreover, many of the cutting edge programs in this field that do not understand the spoken word, would actually stop and ask the speaker for clarifications before proceeding onward, so as to be able to prevent any transcription related mistakes in the final document.

o   Greater accuracy as well as quicker application

Before the advent of voice and speech recognition technology and its widespread use in different areas of the healthcare industry, medical health practitioners more often than not, also relied on medical transcriptionists who were not just abysmally slow, but also really inaccurate as well. Apart from that, there was also the very real possibility of any sort of human error. However, with the wide spread availability of speech recognition software in the health care sector, now clinicians as well as other physicians do not have to wait for any transcriptionist to become free so that as they can document all of their patient’s data. This way, they can now safely and easily record it on their laptop or mobile or workstation on their own.

Not only is speech recognition, substantially more accurate, but should there be any inadvertent errors, the practitioner can quite conveniently and safely make all of the required corrections in the document, affix their signature on it, and subsequently send the same to the relevant record keeping department.  In other words, this technology can quite safely eliminate all the extra people or steps that were part and parcel of a tedious process, that was mired in red tape.

o   State of the art technology

Today, cutting edge technological innovations have also ensured that the safety and security of the data is never compromised either. They can easily filter out the ambient background noises that are always present in any busy hospital. Moreover, the data itself is password protected and the speech recognition software can also be trained to ensure that it can only be operated by duly authorized personnel only.

o   Real time utility of this software

With the help of such speech recognition technology, it is now quite possible for various doctors to record any patient’s data in an actual real time basis. This way, there is no particular need to wait for the patient himself, to leave the hospital so that the doctors and their support staff can start taking notes while relying on their own memory.

In the light of the above, we can now see that voice recognition is not only here to stay but at the same time, it also will continue to serve the many doctors and their support staff and also augment their treatment efforts to a great degree at least in the foreseeable future.

by Bobby J Davidson

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