August 17, 2018

Things to Consider When Choosing a Technology Partner

Technology PartnerAs companies across the United States look to modernize their internal system to become more efficient, choosing the right technology partner is becoming a more important decision that involves more potential risks to future growth and success. If you’re looking for a capable technology partner to spearhead your business’ transition to digital platforms, then here are the considerations to find one.

Regardless of their location, the expectations of customers from a business are changing rapidly. Today, the expectations of consumers are being shaped by technology-based service providers such as Apple, Uber, Airbnb, and others. Consumers and businesses today are demanding sophisticated products and services anytime, anywhere, using any channel.

To deliver on these new expectations, businesses need the right type of digital capabilities. They need technology platforms that are flexible, scalable and work end-to-end. Additionally, they must secure and work across all channels—including the ones they know about and the ones they don’t. Businesses today want to cut costs and time to market, but they are constrained by legacy IT infrastructure.

Not only is the legacy IT infrastructure complex and costly to maintain, it also limits a business’ ability to innovate. However, the right technology partner can help your business to overcome this challenge. How do find the right technology partner? By taking the following into consideration:


It is imperative that the technology partner you choose has the right experience for your business. This means that they should have the experience of completing projects that are similar to what you need. To determine, do a little research. Go through the digital portfolio of a potential technology partner and find out if they have worked on projects in the past that resemble the one you are planning.

Find out if they have worked with a business in your industry or of your size. Additionally, find out if they have developed a website or ecommerce store that is perfectly suited to your needs. The more experience a technology company has of working on projects similar in nature to yours, the more likely they are to ensure the seamless delivery of your project.

If you’re tech partner knows how to handle most of the issues before they even get down to work, you’re guaranteed a faster and more efficient turnaround. Choose a tech partner based on experience rather than price. Do this by exploring the website of the potential tech partner, looking for the case studies of their previous projects, and asking for testimonials from their clients.

Recognition and the Right Expertise

The experience of the potential tech partner is not the only thing you need to research; you also need to research if they’ve been recognized or have won any prestigious awards in their area of expertise. If a potential tech partner is doing their job expertly, then they should be getting recognized for it. Find out what kind of reputation the potential tech partner has among their clients, as well as any recognition from renowned organizations for successful projects and exceptional knowledge. If their reputation is clean and worth mentioning, then you may have found the right tech partner.

In addition to above, you must find out if the potential tech partner has expertise in software delivery using emerging technologies. Look for a history of successful projects in Mobile, Analytics, eCommerce, Cloud, Social, Wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) as this indicates their expertise in emerging/digital technologies.

The Right Culture

The technology partner you choose must have the right culture. This means that they must have a culture of being close to the customer rather than the system as this is important to create effective and efficient digital business models. To find a tech partner with such working culture, look for a successful track record of working with an ecosystem of partners.

Ready-To-Go Building Blocks

Look for a tech partner with the components, widgets or products that will speed up your time-to-market. Make sure the technology partner you choose offers building blocks of technology and can quickly implement new technology.


Any technology company can claim to be an expert in their industry, but you need a partner who can prove it. Look for the primary credentials associated with the best in the business. Additionally, find out if the potential tech partner is member of any Technology Alliance as this indicates a higher level of trust and professionalism.


As technologies like servers, mobile devices, web browsers etc. change, the software and app which run on those platforms must also change. To make the transition to new software and app, you need software support which the right tech partner can provide you. The right technology partner will provide you the software support you need to run your systems efficiently and quickly fix bugs to maintain a good user experience.

While additional support services are generally an extension of the partnership agreement, tech warranties and implementation support should always be included as part of the package offered to you.


Your tech partner must be easily reachable. This means that you should be able to easily and quickly communicate with the company, whenever needed. In any tech project, there will be at least some collaboration required so make sure you can talk to your tech partner freely and whenever necessary. Additionally, ensure that the company can communicate complex technology ideas and topics in way that is easily understood by non-experts.

A Cost-Effective and Efficient Implementation Strategy

One of the major reasons businesses delay the implementation of new software or IT strategies is the fear of the implementation process itself. Businesses fear implementation going haywire or exceeding budget. To ensure this does not happen to you, research the implementation process of the potential tech partner to ensure they offer low implementation costs, while rolling out your services as efficiently as possible.

By taking my comments above into consideration, you can find the right tech partner for your business. We are one of them!  I have full confidence in my team to handle the consulting, procurement, implementation and management of your enterprise systems.  Reach out to me personally OR one of our helpful Percento Business Development Professionals here:

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