February 8, 2018

4 Ways Technology is Changing the Travel Industry

Travel TechnologyOver the past decade, technology has transformed many markets and industries including the travel industry. Today, innovation in technology is helping many companies and agents in the travel industry to transform how they work and win business. Here are 4 ways technology is changing the travel industry!

By allowing them to streamline and automate many of their operations, technology has helped many businesses to transform how they work and increase efficiency. Today, the travel industry is not what it was five or ten years ago. Unlike in the 80s and 90s, people no longer need to visit the travel agent to book a trip or see what travel options they have—they can do this from the comfort of their home.

There was a time when you’d associate travel with honeymooners, families, businessmen, or retired individuals. But, technology has completely transformed the demographic served by travel industry. Today, there are hundreds of travel apps that allow college students or young bachelors to find affordable airfare, restaurant recommendations, safe housing and other things that ensure a memorable-trip.

Unlike previous generations, millennials don’t keep on checking their mailbox throughout the year for special flyers or coupons that they can use to finally afford a trip they have been planning for months or even years. Instead, they head to sites that provide them with every bit of information they need including the lowest fares, room charges and commuting costs.

It isn’t just travelers that are benefiting from technology-enabled travel, travel companies and agents are also reaping many benefits from it including reaching more people than ever before. Today, travel companies and agents must embrace technology wholeheartedly or risk falling behind others in their industry.  Check out below how technology is changing travel today.

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In the past, homeowners who wanted to rent out their property as a holiday home during the holiday period or summer had limited avenues available to market their property. Unless they hired a travel agency, the homeowners weren’t able to pitch their home to interested parties and as such, missed out on potential income opportunities. Technology has completely changed this and today property owners are in complete control of their destiny. There are so many sites where they can list they can pitch their property as a holiday home to increase their chances of earning an income from it.

Technology has completely transformed how people find holiday accommodation today. They are some sites where travelers from all over the world go to quickly and easily find accommodation. Examples are online hospitality services such as Couchsurfing and Airbnb.


Innovation in technology such as cloud computing and Big Data has made it possible for travel companies to offer customers personalized packages that are based on their preferences and affordability. This in turn is helping the travel companies to increase business. Without asking them to go through destinations, packages or other travel options, travel companies can offer travelers exactly what they seek and this is enabled by technology.

Not only can travel companies use technology such as cloud computing and Big Data to offer travelers what they seek, but they can also use the information obtained through it for future promotions including offering packages and discounts designed specifically based on the needs and preferences of the customers. Albeit he is incredibly tech-savvy, the modern- day traveler can get overwhelmed by the amount of information available for researching and booking trips or holidays. By using technology to personalize travel for customers, travel companies can make things incredibly convenient for travelers, which can only be good for business.

Increased Communication and Transparency

In the past, communicating what they wanted was a problem for travelers and people looking to list their property as a holiday home. Property owners were concerned about the safety of their home and its potential to satisfy tenants. On the other hand, travelers wanted to ensure that their money was well-spent and that they would be getting the service they desired. By ensuring constant communication between all parties involved, technology has made travel viable for travelers, property owners and the travel agent/ service.

In addition to ensuring better communication, technology has made travel more transparent. Travelers can now view pictures, see ratings and read reviews of the holiday destination they intend to travel to. On the other hand, property owners have the assurity that the transaction is secure and that their property will be in safe hands. Technology has helped increased the trust between travelers and people/services enabling the travel. No longer do any of the parties involved fear being scammed or getting peanuts for the price of a steak.

Social Customer Service

In every business and marketplace, one of the most important things is customer service but, in the travel industry, it is crucial. After all, travel is not cheap and people have high expectations from their trip or vacation as they are paying loads of money for it. Today, customer service in the travel industry has shifted from traditional channels to less-expensive platforms such as social networking sites.

From offering packages to tracking luggage, every stage of the travel is being communicated to customers via social media today. Thanks to social media, travel companies/services can provide customers with real-time updates regarding flights, room availability or any other thing that might affect travel plans.

Technology is improving travel and making it convenient in many more ways. I love all of the ways technology is infiltrating my life.  I am, no doubt, an early adopter; but you have to keep your head up – new technology is being rolled out daily.

by Bobby J Davidson

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