November 27, 2017

The Ten Best 2017 Feature Updates to Windows 10

Windows 10 FeaturesPrior to the release of the windows 10 with the updated features, Microsoft had been testing the operating system for a good six months. Released on October 17, the updated Windows 10 boasts significant additions to the task bar. So, what are new features giving Windows 10 an advantage over other operating systems? Let’s find out!

Available to download today, the updated Windows 10 has a plethora of exciting features and upgrading to it is a no brainer. No, this update is not just for professionals, it is also for all the amateurs out there. From revamped Photos app to Files On-Demand to Mixed Reality viewer to Eye Control, the updated Windows 10 has features that will leave you spellbound. So, what are the new features of Windows 10 that you need to be excited about? Here are the ten best feature updates to Windows 10.

The Updated Photos App

This update is first on our list for one simple reason: we all love to click photos or shoot videos and then edit them to make them awesome. The updated Photos App of Windows 10 is the perfect tool to do the latter. With the updated Photos App, users of Windows 10 can trim photos and video clips and add background music and filter effects to them. The best thing is that once you select the clips or photos, the Video Remix feature of the app will do this for you by itself. As if that wasn’t enough, the update app allows you to add 3D overlays and affix them to items in the video. Finally, there is an option to create a slow-motion video.

Mixed Reality

This second update to the Windows 10 has caught the eye of many people and there’s good reason for it. One of the best new features in the updated Windows 10, Mixed Reality is an update worth mentioning. After you create them in Paint 3D, you can view 3D objects by using the Mixed Reality Viewer. Setting up this app is rather easy. You just need to launch the Mixed Reality Portal app and then run it on your PC.

Eye Control

A notable update to the Windows 10 this years is feature called ‘Eye Control’. As of now, this feature is an input method for users who cannot move their hand or arms optimally. A truly enthralling feature, Eye Control gives Windows 10 users the opportunity to control their PCs using just their eyes. However, they will need to get a hardware available exclusively at Tobii. With this feature, you can select items on screen, scroll around and even type using an ‘eye keyboard’ that supports writing. In short, Eye Control is an incredible technology that you can’t afford to ignore or miss.

OneDrive Files On-Demand

To save local hard drive space, you no longer need to choose the OneDrive folders to sync in. With OneDrive Files On-Demand, everything will be available to you in File Explorer, and if doesn’t show-up on your PC, it can be downloaded on-demand.

Pick Up Where You Left

This is the name of an actual feature in the updated Windows 10. With this feature, Windows 10 users can easily open documents and sites that they were earlier flicking through on their smart phone. Users can continue with the work that they left on their PC on the smart phone with this help of this feature and the Cortana app.


A feature similar to the one mentioned above, timeline allows users of Windows 10 to check the apps sand files that they run on their PC’s last.  Additionally, this feature helps them to continue with the pending tasks.

Fluent Design

A new design language by Microsoft, Fluent Design adds depth, animation, and pellucidity to the apps and features of Windows 10. With this update, you can expect a more adaptive, imaginative, engaging, coherent, eloquent, cinematic and articulate design on Windows 10. The new design has scale, material, motion, depth and light. In short, the fluent design seems to unlock creativity.

Cloud-Powered Clipboard

Wouldn’t life be a whole lot easier if you could copy and paste to anywhere? Well, you can do just that with cloud-powered clipboard, a new feature in the updated Windows 10. This feature can make everyday computing significantly easier and more fluid. With this update to the Windows 10, users can now copy text to one device and then hold it in the cloud before pasting it somewhere on another device.

This feature can work across all platform so whether you are iPhone users or an owner of an Android device, you can use this new feature in Windows 10 to copy data from your PC and paste it to another device. Can things get any easier?

My People

This new feature in the Windows 10 is for all the social media fanatics out there. A new social feature, My People is an update to the Windows 10 that you can use to clip emails, contacts and other taskbar details to easily start a conversation. Additionally, you can use this feature to share file directly with the contact and pin up to three contacts at a time.

Ransomware Protection

An operating system can have all the awesome features in the world but if it isn’t secure, then it is of no good. Luckily, the updated Windows 10 isn’t a secure OS. The updated Windows 10 comes with ransomware protection to protect your PC against malicious software and safeguard it against other attacks and threats.

There you have it—the ten best feature updates to the Windows 10. To know what other new features the updated Windows 10 boasts OR if you are interesting in rolling out other Microsoft platforms, such as Office 365, get in touch with me today!  I will steer you right.

by Bobby J Davidson

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