July 13, 2019

The Benefits of Having a CRM Solution with Email Integration

The Benefits of Having a CRM Solution with Email Integration

Despite the rise in paid traffic, social media, and network marketing, email still reigns as the most important marketing tool. The number of email accounts is much more than the number of Facebook and Twitter accounts combined and all searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo are equal to just 1.1% of all email traffic.

Email is effective for lead nurturing and other sales activities, making it a preferred customer channel. Compared to other mediums, emails have a 50% higher rate of qualified leads and 20% of income is directly tied into email strategies. Moreover, email is the preferred source of business communication for 72% of consumers.

With an email marketing tool, businesses are not only able to create and manage data, but they can also understand who opened and read the emails. To take this ability to the next level, businesses may want to consider integrating email with CRM. KissMetrics reveals that 96% of visitors to a website aren’t ready to buy. However, this does not mean that they won’t buy in the future as this completely depends on the marketing and CRM strategy of a business.

Full email integration into the CRM system can prove pivotal here. With CRM tied to email marketing, businesses have a resource to capture contact information from first-time visitors to their site. This can be followed by nurturing the prospects with email over time, educating them about their pain-points and the solutions offered by the business.

Having a CRM solution with email integration can be invaluable for any business. With this capability, businesses can get better, and more accurate visibility into their data. Additionally, they can automate and streamline processes. Most important of all, they can easily share information across the team or organization to allow everyone to do their job better.

7 Reasons to Get CRM Solution with Email Integration

By integrating email with CRM, businesses can get a more detailed picture of their customers and prospects, making it possible for businesses to segment customers and prospects into targeted groups and then reach out to them with more relevant and timely content. Unfortunately, not everyone is sold on the idea of integrating CRM with email. Many businesses are still reluctant to try this ‘new’ and ‘sophisticated’ approach to email. There are several reasons for this including:

  • Being comfortable with email the way it is
  • The fear that integrating email with CRM will make things more complicated
  • The fear of being spied by bosses or co-workers

However, once people overcome the above fear, it will be much easier to accept CRM email integration. This is because you start to realize all the wonderful benefits you can get by having a CRM solution with email integration.

A prominent feature of a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software is that it supports excellent email integration. When you integrate email with a robust CRM system, you have access to data from both programs. This reduces the likelihood of missing important information or creating scheduling conflicts. There are many more benefits of CRM email integration and some of the prominent ones are as follows:

1.     Holistic View

CRM systems with email integration put all relevant information onto a single screen instead of moving between the email client and the CRM solution. By eliminating the need to switch between email accounts and CRM system, CRM email integration eases the efforts of sales reps. Since the CRM provides the relevant customer data needed to nurture leads or close deals, there’s no confusion and reps are able to effectively respond to a client’s email and get an overview of the customer’s information at the same time.

2.     Improved Sales Visibility

With CRM email integration, sales reps get real-time insight into customer behavior. By knowing which prospects have opened emails and the clickthrough data, reps can be more intelligent when making sales calls. This means that they can tailor their calls to suit the interests of the prospect they are calling.

3.     Increased Responsiveness

By reducing response time to a substantial level, a CRM solution with email integration ultimately helps to improve customer satisfaction. CRM email integration reduces the response time by displaying important customer data such as contact information, touch-point history, and more alongside the email. With this ability, reps can quickly respond to inquiries to improve customer experience instead of having to reference the customer information in one application and the switching to email.

4.     Integration with Other Apps

Often, CRM solutions with email integration offer support for other types of third-party integration. A business can streamline its sales workflow by gaining access to marketing and sales assets in the cloud or by integrating a CRM solution into the marketing and automation tool. Project or task management is another application often paired up with CRM solutions with email integration.

5.     Data Integrity

Sales reps confirm important information when they interact with a business’ contacts. Moreover, they find additional information such as demographic data, competitive data, and pain points. With CRM email integration, you can provide reps the ability to update records in real-time, ensuring that information is always current for when the next campaign goes out.

6.     Targeted Messaging

To serve your customers with relevant, targeted content, you can develop content based on CRM data such as demographics, job title, or previous purchases. The outcome of this would be fewer unsubscribes and more personalized emails.

7.     Staying Updated with the Important Stuff

With a quality CRM platform, you can get full email integration into the CRM system. Once the configuration is complete, all emails are extracted to the CRM and you get a full-featured email client in the CRM system for drafting and sending emails. Moreover, with CRM email integration, you can synchronize all the contacts, appointments, emails etc.

This helps with two things—staying updated with the latest information of the customer and finalizing the meeting planner using an appointments scheduler. Another benefit of this is being able to respond to customer emails without having to switch between multiple systems. This allows you to get the required customer information and then reference to email in another system.

As seen above, there are many reasons for getting a CRM solution with email integration. To find out more benefits of CRM integration with email, get in touch with us today!

by Bobby J Davidson

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