August 3, 2020

The Vulnerabilities of Data Storage and Why Backup Solutions Matter

Data Storage Data is the most valuable asset that organizations must protect at all costs, whether it is video files, confidential information, documents, or photos. Losing any amount of valuable data will compromise your personal identity, may bankrupt your company, and even erase your family history.

Irrespective of whether you save sensitive customer data or photos of your pet, you don’t want a large chunk of your data or all of it gone or falling into the wrong hands. That’s where backup software comes in to save the day.

Nowadays, backing up data is one of the safest ways to ensure that you’re proactive about the security of your data. That way, even if disaster strikes, you can rest easy knowing that your information will still exist somewhere. By employing cybersecurity techniques and backup software, you can easily take the initiative to protect yourself before anything drastic starts happening.

These days cyber-attacks occur more often than ever, and it seems almost impossible to assure yourself that your data won’t be stolen or corrupted. The University of Maryland found that hackers launch attacks every 39 seconds or around 2250 times a day! That’s why you must take necessary precautions against possible data breaches and back up your sensitive data.

It’s something that should be your main priority, and that’s what we are going to be talking about this in the article. We will be highlighting how you can backup your data, the types of data backups there are, and more.

Why Backups Are Important?

When it comes to the importance of data backups, it is essentially a no-brainer because backup software offers protection for business data by copying it from the servers, laptops, desktops, databases, and other devices. It protects this data from any user error, corrupt files, or a physical disaster that renders all your critical data inaccessible. Backup software also protects sensitive business data from hardware malfunctions, hacker penetrations, and most other threats posed for digitally stored information.

There are various data backup programs, which support data protection sources from personal computers to corporate servers. You can start storing your data on an external hard drive, but more people today are choosing cloud backups. For the most part, they will also serve a general purpose, but the cost and scope can vary by a lot. Nothing lasts forever, and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to pieces of hardware like external hard drives and computers.

A day is going to come when your laptop takes its last breath, and you are at risk of losing all your data. You can take the laptop to a repair shop or the retailer, but there is no guarantee that you’ll ever recover the data you lost from the device. That’s why regular backup of your data is necessary. You should also be aware that data can get corrupted as well. Any files that are important to you must always be backed up on a regular basis. Apart from that, backing up data on the same disk as your original data doesn’t reduce any risk.

You need a secure backup solution that includes a remote backup because storing data off-site or on another server ensures you can recover it if it gets corrupted.

The Threat of Data Risks

Nearly everything lives somewhere online, which is why your data getting stolen, corrupted, or hacked isn’t out of the question. The reports of increasing hackings, spear-phishing, and harmful malware pose a major threat to all businesses, but they’re not the only risks you should be wary about.

·       Physical Disasters

Most people assume that the only risk to their data is a digital one; however, that’s not the only way you can lose valuable files and documents. Physical disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, fires, or floods have the power to completely wipe out all your data and render the recovery process impossible.

Someone may also steal your external hard drives or your laptop, and if you’ve not backed up important data, you could lose it all.

·       Hackers and Viruses

Ransomware outbreaks and hackers are prevalent at the moment, and old-school tried and tested techniques, such as spyware, malware, and viruses, continue to be the main cause of system breaches and data losses. Your business is going to remain exposed to the threat of hackers if you don’t do anything as it’s not a question of if your business is going to be attacked, but when and how.

Why Use Backup Software?

Irrespective of whether your data is business-related or personal, you should think about backing it up to prevent losing it. Even though backing up your information on cloud storage is the best way to do it, hard drives and on-premise servers are also capable. You should also note that multiple copies of backups can also be saved. That can be done by retaining multiple points or saving backup on multiple clouds or drives.

Apart from that, backup software offers the ability to restore data if the original storage location is compromised or deleted. There are software tools that will alert you when files have been lost or corrupted, and others will update data automatically if the information is lost. Even if the information isn’t lost, your data should be transferred to a new device or network as users will trigger backup recovery and offer information on new devices.

Better Safe than Sorry

In life, things don’t always go as you planned them, and when things go wrong, they can go really wrong. Your phone could break, your servers can crash, and your office may burn down in a fire, which are all things that are out of your control. What you do control though is being prepared for the worst, and that means taking steps to protect valuable data from harm.

There are several reasons why you should backup data of any kind and take extra measures to secure it as it is better to be safe than to be sorry. It’s a good idea to be proactive before you’re forced to react to a data loss emergency as the survival of your organization may depend on it.

by Bobby J Davidson

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