June 20, 2019

Knowing Your Customers Versus Understanding Your Customers—The Key to Customer Experience Success

Understanding Customers

Many retail business owners today want to ‘know their customers better’ but are unable to do so in a meaningful way. If you’re one of them, then answer the following question honestly:

Have you made a committed effort to understand your customers better?’

If you haven’t, then your grievances are a bit unfounded. How can you complain about not knowing your customers better when you haven’t even taken any steps for it?  The key to customer experience success is understanding customers better and a tool that can you help accomplish this is Wi-Fi marketing. Read on to know how.

What’s Needed to Understand Your Customers Better

What is required to build positive relationships with your customers? A good understanding of their need and wants. By understanding your customers better, you can personalize their customer journey. This enables a more personalized customer experience and increased customer engagement which will ultimately benefit your bottom line.  Now, you should try answering this million-dollar question:

How can you understand your customers better?”

To understand your customers better, you need to profile them, analyze their interactions with your business, and conduct market research to identify trends and patterns. With Wi-Fi marketing, you can do all that and more in real time. Here’s how Wi-Fi marketing software can help you understand your customers better.

What a Wi-Fi Marketing Software Can Help You Achieve

More and more consumers today are relying on mobile to meet their needs. Don’t believe us? Then consider the following stats based on research:

The simple argument is that you need to take advantage of the mobile marketing platform and a great way of using Wi-Fi technology.

From attracting new customers to providing better service and getting data that informs your marketing strategy, there are many reasons for providing free Wi-Fi to customers. A Wi-Fi marketing and customer analytics solution can help you to take advantage of both the mobile marketing platform and Wi-Fi technology.

A software-as-a-service (SaaS) based platform, Wi-Fi marketing software allows you to use your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to access a host of marketing features and analytical capabilities. With a marketing and customer analytics solution, you can utilize your existing Wi-Fi access to attract, reward, and retain customers more efficiently and effectively, ultimately growing your business and bottom line. Following is how the Wi-Fi marketing software works:

  1. Offer customer access to free Wi-Fi
  2. The customer joins your Wi-Fi network
  3. Learn about your guests
  4. Engage with customers
  5. Assess return on investments
  6. Improve decision making using insights gathered via Wi-Fi marketing

Let’s dwell further into what’s required to understand customers better and how Wi-Fi marketing software can provide that.

Profiling Your Customers

This involves building a description of your customers including their characteristics, location, and behavior. You will come up with the best ways for meeting customer needs when you segment customers based on gender, age, location, where they work, their family size and how, why and what they spend their money on.

Wi-Fi marketing software can provide you with such information via consumer smartphone devices. You would also be able to gather customer data through non-intrusive Wi-Fi tracking and data gathering that involves login authentication method.

Analyze Customer Interactions With Your Business

Customer interactions refer to any aspects of your business that customers may encounter or meet. This includes the pages they visit on your website and the time they spend in your brick-and-mortar store. Since they help shape the impression and experience of customers with your business, analyzing customer interactions or customer ‘touch points’ is important.

When analyzing customer touch points, it’s important to track the customer experience or journey with your business from start to finish. Software for Wi-Fi marketing and customer analytics can create strong customer touchpoints by applying intelligent customer engagement tactics and marketing campaigns to help you map customer journey better.

By providing you with useful information related to your customers such as their interests, how often they visit and for how long, Wi-Fi marketing software can help you in improving your customers’ experience and their perception of your business.

Conduct Market Research to Identify Trends and Patterns

Market research is required to identify trend and patterns in customer behavior. By identifying these trends and patterns, you will know what motivates your customers to buy and how to market to them. Additionally, you can use this information to build customer awareness of your products and services. Wi-Fi marketing software makes this research easy.

Customers connect to your free Wi-Fi using their social media profile, email address or phone number. Once they have logged in, the software automatically collects contact and behavior data on your customers to build a powerful CRM database. Using the software, you can analyze your ROI by understanding repeat visitors and footfall traffic after a campaign has ended, easily measure campaign results and learn which channels customers respond best to.

In short, Wi-Fi marketing software generates valuable data from customer and campaign analytics dashboards to help you anticipate, predict and plan better.

By now, it should be clear you that Wi-Fi marketing technology can help you to revolutionize your customer experience. Using a Wi-Fi marketing and customer analytics solution, you can collect customer information, send promotional offers, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately improve your bottom line. Put simply, the mobile marketing platform turns your existing Wi-Fi structure into a customer loyalty tool. To learn more about Wi-Fi marketing and how you can benefit from it, get in touch with us today.

by Bobby J Davidson

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