July 24, 2017

Here’s Why You Need to Upgrade Your Business Technology

Technology is evolving each day and this has left many businesses asking the question: when is the right time to upgrade business technology? There is no set timeline for upgrading business technology and the right time to upgrade business technology depends on the size of the business and nature of work. Another important question to answer is which technology should you be investing in. Once again, the answer is unique to each business. However, there is some business technology that almost every business needs to invest in. The technology I’m referring to is desktops, laptops and servers.

Upgrading business technology is crucial to the success of your business . You can greatly increase productivity and even reduce operational costs by investing in new technology. According to a recent study, advancements in technology have helped increased productivity by more than 80% over the past four decades. In spite of this, many businesses today are circumspect about upgrading their business technology. Why? There are many reasons for this: some believe that upgrading technology is extremely costly, some are unwilling to leave their comfort zone and some feel that they don’t have the time to implement the new systems.

If you fall in any of the aforementioned-categories, then you need to know this: upgrading business technology is far easier and cheaper than what you believe it to be. Moreover, there are countless benefits of investing in new technology. Not convinced yet? No problem, following are 5 reasons you should be upgrading your business technology.

Attract and Engage Mobile Users

Smart phones and mobile technology have changed the way people shop. According to a recent report, more than 50% of mobile users use their mobile devices to search for the products/services they want/need. Moreover, nine out of the ten searches performed on a mobile device lead to a purchase. Today, people rarely visit the brick and mortar stores to buy what they need. Instead, they fulfill their shopping needs via their mobile device. Mobile technology has made it possible for shoppers to buy from anywhere and at any time. For this reason, it makes sense for businesses to optimize their website for mobile use or develop an app through which customers and potential clients can access their business.

Speed up operations

Want to speed up operations and increase productivity? If yes, then upgrade your technology as soon as possible. You will hinder your business productivity if you don’t change your old and outdated computers and continue to use an outdated web browser. Moreover, by refusing to invest in new technology, you’ll continue to waste a significant portion of your day uploading and/or downloading files. When it comes to doing business, time is of the essence so don’t make the mistake of using old and outdated technology that eats up much of your day. In short, invest in technology that makes your business efficient!

You will slow down productivity by 30 to 40 % if your computers are old or have an outdated operating system. A decrease of 30 to 40% in productivity can seriously hurt your bottom line. To ensure that employees perform to the best of their abilities, upgrade your business system as soon as possible. Most business gurus believe that businesses can increase the productivity and proficiency of their employees by giving them the right kind of business tech.

To ensure faster communication and sharing of files between the employees of the company, some companies invest in an intranet network, a private network that provides employees with the tools they need to get things done. Doing the above is important but only after you’ve ensured the basics. The basics include having working, WiFi connected computers and printers that don’t take forever to load and/or work.

You’re likely to have frustrated employees that perform below par if you use outdated computers or laptops for your business. Moreover, this will prevent the flexibility required by modern workplaces. The only way you can prevent this is constantly upgrading your business technology.

Data Security

For any business, keeping data secure is of the utmost importance. Older or outdated technology puts your business at an increased risk for data corruption and loss. Moreover, older computers and servers are prone to crashes. All of this can cost you time and money.

Ensure Professionalism

According to a recent survey, about one in ten mobile users use their devices for business purposes. When they’re working outside the confines of the office, portable technology such as smart phones and tablets enable employees to stay attentive and professional. However, if the technology they carry suffers downtime, they may be cut off from their daily work schedules. For this reason, constantly upgrading your servers and other important systems is important.

Solve Problems

The biggest reason to invest in new technology is solving underlying problems. You company’s operations may suffer if you don’t update your business with the right technological upgrades. It may be time for you to invest in new technology if your network isn’t able to handle your web traffic or if your current systems are affecting the productivity of your employees. In short, you can solve most of your business problems by simply upgrading your systems/technology.

Final Word

Technology is constantly evolving. Your current technology may seem adequate today but you won’t feel the same in two, three years- time if you don’t upgrade your technology. On the other hand, you can gain an edge over competitors by investing in new technology and systems before they do. Now, upgrading the technology can be costly but the good news is that business technology is available for you to upgrade your business systems/ technology in an optimum way.


by Bobby J Davidson

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