June 28, 2017

Virtual Reality Will Change Your Business.

Virtual reality or VR technology for 3D films and video games has been a popular trend in the past few years. Seeing the success of their technology for 3D films and video games, VR technology providers are now shifting their focus to the workplace. VR technology may soon make teleconferencing a thing of the past. Businesses are slowly but surely realizing that VR technology is a better way of communicating remotely than teleconferencing.

By capturing the imagination of millions of gamers worldwide, Virtual Reality has transformed the entertainment industry. VR technology is expected to do the same for the business world. Many people are intimidated by VR as they perceive the technology to be expensive and complicated. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Contrary to popular belief, VR technology is easy to use and affordable. Also, VR has been made more accessible by devices such as headsets that connect to Smartphones.

According to TechCrunch, the revenue generated by virtual reality products could exceed $30 billion by 2020. Today, we’re living in a fast-paced world where people and businesses have little time to spare. Due to time constraints, a face-to-face meeting is no longer a viable option for the latter. Teleconferencing has made things easy for businesses but VR technology is what they really need. While working remotely, businesses can use VR technology to communicate space, body language, and inflection.

In addition to improving communication, virtual reality will change how businesses promote products, gather information, and make decisions. Today, most people are exposed to VR through gaming. However, virtual reality is slowly but surely making its presence felt in other parts of life. Today, VR providers are working tirelessly to develop technology that’ll make things extremely easy for businesses. The money invested in VR technology in 2016 was three times more than money invested in the same during the previous year. This goes to show that virtual reality is increasing in popularity each day and it may soon become an inherent part of our lives.

According to the tech experts, the role of VR will eventually extend far beyond gaming. In the not so distant future, people will use VR for home purchase, retail purchases, travel decisions, and learning. All of these things will impact the business world. In the future, people will use virtual reality to increase their knowledge, produce information, improve consumer experience, and explore new places for both business and pleasure. In short, Virtual reality will change the world including businesses considerably in the next few years. Talking about businesses, following is how VR technology will change them in the next five years.

Experiencing Reality Through Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a good option for capturing information. This is something businesses are slowly realizing. Today, Virtual reality technology has PowerPoints embedded into it. A pragmatic way to transfer knowledge, Virtual reality has an entrancing nature that serves the workforce. In short, VR technology is making the workplace experience better and more realistic.

A Great Tool For Training And Meetings

As mentioned above, businesses can use virtual reality to capture knowledge. Thanks to its immersive nature, you can use VR technology to train your workforce. Virtual reality is expected to transform the conference call experience to save both time and money. Many experts believe that training the workforce in a virtual world can be a great way of imparting knowledge to them. In fact, in some case, VR training is superior to the real thing. In addition to eliminating the risk of accidents associated with high-risk jobs, virtual reality is a proven way of increasing the abilities of people to remember what they learn and shorten instruction spans.

Prototyping Will Go Up A Notch

Virtual reality will completely change how businesses visualize what they’re building. This experience is expected to go up a notch. At the beginning of the process, VR will provide a level of prototyping that ensures anomalous understanding of the product. Using VR technology, end-users, and decision makers will be able to provide valuable feedback early in the process. This in turn will help them to save time and money.

Better Omni-Channel Marketing

Regardless of the channel or device customers use to connect with the business, businesses can use virtual reality to ensure a seamless experience for their customers. With Virtual reality shopping, businesses can take personalization to a whole new level. Recently, eBay collaborated with Myer, an Australian retailer, to create a VR store. After the creation of the VR store, users were able to download an app on their phone and start virtual shopping by using a cardboard virtual reality headset. Users selected their areas of interest and products were displayed based on it. Shoppers were able to get a detailed three-dimensional view of the products and make a purchase by simply looking at the products.

Leaner Offices, Flexible Work

Not all businesses are fond of remote teams and flexible work. The reason for this is simple: with remote teams and flexible work policies, businesses have to worry about availability for clients, output, and the ability to manage people effectively. By allowing businesses to conduct work in virtual environments, VR technology could minimize many of the aforementioned concerns. With VR technology, you could put on your headset to collaborate in an environment that imitates real life. According to the tech experts, virtual reality will resolve the issues of video conferencing that impact the individual and group communication experience. In addition to the above, businesses can use VR technology to reduce the need for physical space. This in turn will help to minimize operating costs.

Virtual technology is slowly but surely changing how business is done. The aforementioned ways is how virtual technology will change your business in the next five years.


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