January 16, 2018

How Virtual Technology Can Help Enable Business Growth and Higher Profits

Virtual technologyIf you thought that virtual technology or virtualization was all about the VR headsets in use today, then think again. Virtual technology or virtualization isn’t limited to VR headsets instead it extends to desktops, servers, operating systems, storage devices and software. And, this is helping businesses to grow and achieve higher profits. Here’s more on the potential benefits of virtual technology for the business!

A buzzword, virtualization is something most people have heard of but aren’t too familiar with. A virtual form of computing, virtualization has tremendous benefits for technology-driven businesses and if implemented properly, can save a business a lot of time and money. Contrary to what the naysayers say, virtual technology is not a passing fad that will disappear into oblivion in the coming years. Instead, it is a technology that can help you to drastically reduce your computing cost now and in the future.

Virtual reality is a highly sought-after technology today and there are many reason for this. In addition to its usage in the healthcare sector, virtual reality is applicable in many other fields including military training and the creation of virtual architectural models. There are also many benefits of virtual technology use for the business. But, before we discuss how businesses can benefit from the implementation of virtual technology, let’s take a look at the sectors that can potentially benefit from this technology.

Sectors That Can Benefit from Virtual Technology

Following are the sectors that can benefit the most from the implementation of virtual technology.


The industry that stands to benefit the most from the use of virtual technology is the travel industry. This is the reason Thomas Cook—a renowned British travel company, has been investing thousands of pounds in VR technology. The company says that VR helps to enhance customer experience, which in turn increases the company’s sales.


Another sector that can benefit greatly from the implementation of virtual technology is engineering. The VR technology enables designers and engineers to exhibit their services and goods in extremely unique way—a way never used before. According to Mark Riles—the managing directors of RenderMedia—a VR agency, virtual technology has enabled manufactures and engineers to test their products before they are built. Additionally, it has made it possible for engineers in different continents to be at the same place and interact without having to travel. This will surely make life convenient for those in the engineering field.

Real Estate

Virtual tour of properties is already a thing today and this VR experience is expected to get even better in the future. In addition to enabling property buyers to take tours of properties, virtual technology is assisting architecture and improvements to homes.


Another area where virtual technology is being used is training. Not only does this include military training, it also includes medical training and training for sports. Additionally, as the VR technology develops, it is likely to be used as a training tool in many other fields.

While the aforementioned-sectors are the ones currently benefiting from VR, there are many others that stand to gain from the use of this technology. How exactly can virtual technology help them? let’s find out.

How Businesses Can Benefit from the Use of Virtual Technology

Following are some of the benefits businesses can achieve by implementing virtual technology.

Improved Customer Service

A major benefit for the business enabled by virtual technology is lowered planned and unplanned computer downtime. This allows business to automatically switch to a backup server. Additionally, a snapshot of the last time the server was working is made available to them. This in turn enables employees to log onto their devices within minutes, not hours. However, the biggest benefit of this is that your customers are less likely to experience a downed site, and as consequence head to your competitors.

Fast Installations

One of the biggest reasons to invest in virtual technology is fast installations of switch software and new server applications or router. This is possible due to the fact you don’t have purchase equipment, wait for it be delivered and then set it up to have virtual technology up and running for your business. Instead, you can use a special virtualization management tool to set up a new virtual machine, storage device, switch or router. Generally, the only process required to significantly reduce setup times is copying an image.

Lowered Costs

Nothing pleases business owners or other people in control of business finances more than things that help lower costs. Virtual technology is exactly that.  You will allow your IT department to merge data into fewer servers by enabling VT for your computer systems. This results in less hardware to maintain, which in turn means shortened hours of work, reduced power bills, lowered facility space usage and fewer licenses to buy.

In addition to the above, virtual technology will ensure that you’re not dependent on a single vendor, allowing you to buy hardware for the lowest possible cost. In addition to savings, businesses can gain a competitive advantage by implementing virtual technology for their business systems.

Increased Flexibility

The final benefit enabled by virtual technology for the business is increased flexibility. You can only run a single operating system on a computer at a time with traditional technology systems. But, virtual technology has made it possible for you to simultaneously run multiple operating systems on a single computer. Equipping a single piece of hardware with various virtualized desktops is what enables this.

VR and Internet of Things are fast becoming new technologies that businesses are utilizing.  We, here at Percento, are always working hard to tool up to support all new technologies for business. It’s very exciting times.

by Bobby J Davidson

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