June 28, 2022

Why You Must Implement Digital Learning Tools for Your Company

Digital Learning | If there is one mantra businesses worldwide have learned to live by since the last couple of years, it’s to expect the unexpected. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted business as usual, forcing companies to revamp their operations, accelerate their transformation initiatives, adopt a series of new practices and models to ensure stability and continuity.

During this time, a new trend emerged worldwide as the pandemic forced schools and colleges to close their doors – remote or online education. By using digital learning tools and platforms, teachers and educational institutions were able to continue their programs online. Although digital learning was already a growing concept, the pandemic accelerated its adoption on a global scale and allowed one of the most traditional industries to go digital.

During the lockdowns, employees faced similar challenges with introducing remote work models that required them to effectively use technology to carry out their everyday tasks and adopt new systems and processes to remain productive.

This meant that there was a great need for learning and education, not just in their respective fields and industries but on the digital landscape as a whole. With so many advancements in software, hardware, and cloud solutions, leaders have no choice but to keep up if they want to ensure continuity.

In this article, I’ll explain why you must implement digital learning tools for your company to survive and thrive in the new normal.

Learning Tools

The Importance of Digital Learning Tools For Your Company

In case you’re still wondering why you must implement digital learning tools for your company, here are some of the most important reasons:

1. Training and Development

Before the pandemic, most businesses were accustomed to in-office training since remote work was an unpopular and unconventional model. However, following the events of the last couple of years, millions of employees were forced to work from their homes using their personal devices. One of the biggest impacts of this change was the disruption of workplace learning and employee training – both of which involved in-person meetings and seminars. Digital learning tools, such as Apty, TalentLMS, and others, have served as an alternative to help businesses provide effective training to employees, customers, and partners. These solutions help leaders in different ways, such as creating digital training courses, hosting training webinars, training content creation, etc.

2. Improved Digital Operations

With remote and hybrid work models becoming mainstream, businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve digital operations other than upgrading their IT infrastructures and adopting cloud-based solutions for different processes. However, before they can use these initiatives to their advantage, they need to ensure that their employees are capable of adopting them. By implementing digital learning tools, businesses can help their employees adopt new technologies and IT infrastructures to boost operational efficiency and productivity.

3. More Innovation

Digital learning tools spur employees to create, develop, and collaborate their ideas and thoughts with others. This is important in the modern business landscape as companies are looking for creative ideas that could give them an edge over competitors or ensure long-term survival. By expanding their skill sets, employees can offer more than their core expertise by taking on more responsibilities at their workplace and contributing to business decisions.

4. Enhanced Agility

Organizational training and learning needs are constantly changing according to market changes and technological advancements. Using the latest digital learning tools, businesses can improve agility and reflect upon those shifts in real-time. Unfortunately, you can’t expect the same from in-person, instructor-centric training since there’s typically a longer learning curve when you take the traditional route. A decade ago, this wouldn’t have been an issue. However, times have changed since the pandemic, and businesses can’t afford to waste time gathering resources and knowledge manually before sharing them with employees. Many digital learning tools allow businesses to create or update their training courses according to the trending market developments so they can foster the necessary skills for their employees.

5. Improved Engagement

Unlike traditional in-person meetings and training sections that usually involve long lectures and thick reading material, digital learning tools utilize a variety of simple formats from text to animation, videos, and gamification. Since every employee is different, offering a multitude of options can help business boost their training results by enabling learners to choose their preferred training methods. Moreover, it allows companies to set learning KPIs and measure results at a granular level since everything’s digital.

6. Cost-Effective Training

Hiring trainers and arranging in-person sessions usually comes at a high cost, in the form of equipment procurement, travel expenses, snacks, and even accommodation, to name a few. Digital learning eliminates these costs and allows businesses to deliver their training sessions more cost-effectively. From a post-pandemic viewpoint, this makes more sense as the majority of small businesses are looking to curb unnecessary expenses and ensure workplace safety.

Wrap Up

Now that you understand a little more about the importance of digital learning tools for your company, it’s time to do your homework and adopt some of the most trending options in the market to reduce your skill gap and become more tech-savvy. The modern business landscape is rapidly evolving, and employees need to continually advance their capabilities to help minimize the operational impact of the next inevitable global crisis after COVID-19 by keeping up with the pace of technological change. All the above reasons make a strong case for adopting digital learning at your workplace in the new normal.

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by Bobby J Davidson

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