November 26, 2022

How Dogs Keep You in Good Health

Dog owners are usually aware of the countless joy dogs bring in their lives every single day.

However, it is not uncommon for many people to be unaware of the benefits of snuggling with your furry friend, whether mental or physical.

It is only recently that studies have started to prove that the human-animal bond comes with several benefits.

How Pets Can Benefit You

Over the centuries, dogs have become attuned to humans and their emotions and behavior patterns. Today, dogs can understand the words we use and interpret gestures, body language, and tone of our voice. Just like a human friend, a dog that is loyal to its owner will look at you to understand how you are feeling and what you are thinking and react appropriately. It is no wonder that service dogs help people deal with anxiety and depression, amongst other things.

Dogs can help humans deal with stress and loneliness and encourage playfulness and exercise. In turn, this helps boost your cardiovascular health. Dogs can also help children grow up to be more active and feel more secure. Older adults can really benefit from the companionship that dogs provide as well. Regardless of how old or young you are, dogs keep you in good health by providing unconditional joy and love.

How Dogs Keep You in Good Health

There is no denying that people with dogs experience more health benefits than those without. Dogs are great to snuggle with and keep your mind active as an older adult. They also help increase your social interaction as you meet more dog parents and take your dogs out on a walk together. Many different breeds are available that make dogs exotic companions that can lower your stress levels and muscle tension.

According to studies, here is how dogs keep you in good health:

• Dog parents are much less likely to deal with depression.
• People who own dogs are shown to have lower blood pressure levels in taxing situations compared to those without dogs.
• Playing with dogs can increase the production of dopamine and serotonin in the body, which helps humans relax.
• Dog owners have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, showing that they are less likely to develop heart disease in the future.
• Someone who has suffered from a heart attack is likely to live longer if he has a dog as opposed to someone who does not.
• Individuals over the age of 65 visit their doctor 30 percent less when they have a dog than those without.

Dogs provide a therapeutic feel for humans because they fulfill our basic need for touch. In fact, even hardened prisoners who have been criminals show changes in behavior once they have interacted with pets. Usually, they experience mutual love and affection from the first time they meet dogs.

Hugging, loving, and stroking a friendly dog can instantly soothe and calm you if you are feeling anxious or stressed. The companionship that a dog provides can help lower loneliness. Moreover, dogs are a great way to get some exercise into your everyday routine, which is a wonderful way to lower depression and get you in a better mood.

How Dogs Help Build Healthy Habits

If you are looking to deal with symptoms of PTSD, bipolar disorder, stress, anxiety, and depression, you need to make some lifestyle changes. One such change is adopting a dog you can love and care for. Here are some ways that how dogs keep you in good health:

1. Increase Exercise

If you want to add a fitness routine to your schedule, taking your dog for a run, walk, or hike is a fun and effective way. Dog owners are more likely to meet their daily steps requirement since it is essential to make your dog exercise too.

Doing this also increases the connection and love between the dog and the owner while eliminating dog behavior issues and keeping both of you healthy and fit.

2. Provide Companionship

Did you know that loneliness can onset symptoms of different illnesses? It’s true! Dogs provide companionship and add some extra years to your life, keeping symptoms of depression at bay. When you care for a dog, you feel wanted and needed. You focus more on your dog than your issues, particularly if you live alone.

Most dog owners talk and communicate with their dogs and even use them to sort through their problems and troubles. Imagine coming home to a wagging tail and some wet kisses- how can you feel lonely with that?

3. Lower Stress

The companionship offered by a dog helps reduce anxiety and stress and increases self-confidence for individuals who do not like interacting with the world.

Since dogs live in the moment and do not care about what happened yesterday or the day before, they can help humans understand how fleeting life is and how important it is to appreciate things that happen in the present.

4. Add Structure to the Day

When you get a dog, you must feed and take it out for a walk at the same time every day. Having a schedule and consistent routine is important otherwise, your dog will be all over the place, and you will be left to deal with its anxious mood swings.

Regardless of how stressed, anxious, or depressed you feel, you know you have to get out of bed to feed your dog and take it for a walk. The need to care for someone other than yourself helps pull most people out of their depressive episodes and forces them to go out into the world, eventually making them feel better.

Wrapping up

According to the facts of the article, there is no denying that dogs keep you in good health. They are a blessing to have and must be taken care of.

Dogs provide companionship and snuggles on days that you feel like there is nothing to live for. They are the kindest and softest animals to be around to get you out of your head and provide you with some love!