May 4, 2022

The Google Watch is Going to be Called the Pixel Watch

All my friend and family know I love watches, so when one adds technology to the watch…I’m very interested.  In recent years, Google has worked hard to introduce the latest Wear OS version with features from Fitbit and Tizen. With Google IO 2022 scheduled for May 11, this could very well be the year Sundar Pichai finally announces the long-rumored Google Pixel Watch and release the company’s own hardware to match the stunning software.

The internet has been packed with leaks about the awaited product. However, nothing is certain until Google finally introduces its first smartwatch. For now, the annual developer conference is expected to be a grand showcase for the new Wear OS 3. If the company does announce the highly esteemed wearable product, it could take on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Apple Watch 7, and other best-selling smartwatches in the market today.

In this post, I’ll share everything we know about the Google Pixel Watch so far. My interested readers can proactively do a pros and cons analysis and decide if they need to splurge on these devices.

Everything We Know So Far About the Google Pixel Watch

1. The Name – Google Pixel Watch

Google’s highly anticipated flagship smartwatch has been referred to as the Google Pixel Watch in reports, leaks, and forums. This name makes sense – it’s simple, elegant, and sounds like something Google would do. According to CNET, the company filed a trademark for this term which provides further evidence for this rumor.

2. May Or October Release

For the last six months or so, the Google Pixel Watch has been tipped for a May release since the Google IO is one of the company’s biggest events every year. However, a leaker named Jon Prosser claims the company might move the launch to October later this year and announce the Pixel 6a. He also claims Sundar Pichai could use this platform to tease the product release and build hype and interest.

3. Round Design

Google Pixel Watch

Many sources claim Google’s first smartwatch will have a circular design in contrast to the square design found in the Apple watch series. While this does make it similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, reports suggest Google has designed the watch with a minimalist look. If the leaked images by Android Central are accurate, you’ll note that the render shows Fitbit integration.

Someone reportedly found someone wearing the watch prototype at a restaurant in the US and took pictures. Of course, these images could be fake, but this was back in December 2021, when Google’s marketing campaign for its new products was in full flow.

One thing is for certain – if these images are accurate, then the watch could most probably have a crown for navigation, just like the Apple Watch. Another rumor suggests that Google could introduce bands in various colors, including the ones on the Pixel logo.

Additionally, the watch could use a proprietary connector for the bands, although this isn’t confirmed yet. There are two buttons on the side. However, there’s no way to tell what their functions could be.

4. Up to Three Different Versions

One of the main value propositions of Google has been variety. According to a German tech blog called WinFuture, the company might be planning to release up to three versions of its first flagship Pixel watch. However, this report goes back to 2018, so it’s unlikely there’s any truth to these details. Even if it was true, a lot could’ve changed in the last four years that would have prompted the company to stick with one or two designs.

If there are to be three versions, the key differences between them would be their size, price, and features, such as storage, color, chip, etc.

5. A Host of Health Monitoring Features

With most top smartwatch brands jumping on board the health and fitness bandwagon, Google will likely follow a similar path and offer both basic and advanced health monitoring features, such as heart rate, calorie counting, ECGs, blood pressure, and sleep tracking, to name a few. With wearable technology advancing every year, we could see an entirely new metric as well.

For instance, Google Nest Hub 2 offers snoring detection and breathing monitoring features during sleep. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if the company decided to incorporate both features into its first watch to serve as a unique selling proposition or target a specific audience.

6. Price Speculation

Although it’s difficult to predict the price of the Google Pixel Watch, considering we don’t know what it’s packing under the hood or the build material quality, we know that it’s going to be relatively less expensive than the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 7 currently retails for around $399, whereas the Galaxy Watch 4 starts at $249.

Therefore, it’s safe to say it could fall in the $200-$350 price point depending on the version, LTE variant, storage, and other factors. Of course, this is mere speculation based on the market trends and Google’s pricing strategy for its product catalog.


While the leaks and reports have helped us form a baseline of what to expect, there’s a whole lot we still don’t know. For instance, we don’t know its price, the type of chip it contains, the colors, size, storage, or anything tangible.

Some reports even suggest Google could change the name from Pixel Watch to something else. There have been rumors claiming the watch has been called a few different names during the branding and marketing stages. Although the trademark application offers some clarification, there could be more to the product’s name when the official title comes out later this year.

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by Bobby J Davidson

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